New Release – Love From the Cult

Good evening everyone. I hope you all had a splendid day today? If not, then don’t worry, I have wonderful news! I am working on a new novella series, titled, ‘Love From the Cult’.

Yup! Another paranormal romance story is on the way and it promises to be the bomb. The story is about a young lady, Christiana, who experienced the heart-break of her life. Lol. And she got quite sad, her friend was going to get married and leave her behind in the singles club.

But as events unfold, she discovers her boyfriend broke up with her to protect her from vicious cult members who wanted her dead at all cost, following a prophecy, she will give birth to a boy child who will destroy them in the future.

Her friend, is unfortunately married to a man from the same evil cult hunting her. They both realize too late.

Ok, ok, that’s all I’m giving away for now. ?. The complete novella for the first series should be ready in two weeks, for  your consumption. High five people, high-five! ✋.

Meanwhile, I do not want to leave you without something to read. I care so much about leaving you entertained. Have you gotten these interesting reads?

Odi – A Tale of Two Kingdoms

The real story starts in our world when the heroine, Ove, meets Omar, a strange man who said her help is needed to save another realm. Though scared and without a clue what the man is talking about, Ove agrees to help. She is transported to Odi kingdom where she finds a land already devastated by Abentu, an evil monarch from a neighboring kingdom.

Ove is told she is originally from Odi, but she has no memories of this kingdom which she jointly rules with a twin sister, Natah. Her loins heat up when she meets her bitter ex-fiancé Katomo, but that’s about it. No memory. However, when she finally gets help from a magician called Moyem, she finds herself reliving her alternate life.

With her past unfolding quickly, she is expected to rein in overwhelming powers and find a way to save her people. Her memory slowly returns, replacing whatever she had of the normal world. And, in collaborating with all sorts to help save the land, hidden truths are uncovered which shake Odi’s foundations.

Naked Secret

The story starts with Esther Moyede, or should I say Naomi Oviera, seeking revenge for the death of her parents. She plots her revenge and soon embarks on a mission to see it done. The question however, is this. “Is she targeting the right culprits? Or is she being used by the real enemy?

Trapped – The Underworld

Jason Motom is a wealthy man in his early thirties. He has the body of a model and the life of a very famous celebrity. He is a man who loves flashy cars with multiple functions and as such, he became the proud manufacturer and distributor of the Motom H series; cars are named after him. Jason enjoyed riches and great fame for years. However, six years into his car manufacturing business, and just when he is about releasing a new and superb model of the Motom H series into the market, problem struck. Jason suddenly slept and woke up to a surprise he never expected.

His body is taken and so is his life and everything that belongs to him. He is suddenly trapped in an underworld; a place where thousands of other souls are trapped. There, he learns about the body snatchers and how they go about deceiving people into signing deals. The deal is simple; riches for your body.

So many unsuspecting victims had fallen into the trap; many more are still falling.

In the face of his unfortunate circumstance, Jason makes friends with other displaced souls who are willing to war against the evil that has taken their bodies; they want to take back all that has been stolen from them. Most importantly, they need to put a complete end to the existence of body snatchers. Will they succeed? Or will they fail? Find out in this interesting novel.

So that’s all people. I look forward to a fun-filled time with you soonest. Have a great night’s rest, and cheers.

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