Onome, Temi, and a Dangerous Affair – Perfect Love

Onome is married to Temi. And they have a five-year-old child, Lara. On a fateful day, Onome ran into her ex-boyfriend, and she discovers, she is still very much attracted to him. This meeting leads to unexpected events that will leave you amazed, deep in thoughts, sad, happy, and more vast in what God has to say about marriage and it’s challenges.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Ufuomaee’sPerfect Love” when I first started reading it. But I did take notice of the unique writing style, and the fact that the story pulls the reader in gradually until you’re neck deep in it, hungry for more and totally unable to put it down. Whoever thought a Christian literature can be this interesting? This book is awesome! Not because I’m trying to praise the author, but because it truly is.

I haven’t gotten hooked in a long time like this. Neither have I cried in a long while, just reading a novel. Seriously. I cried like a fool, and I laughed at myself for that. My friend who called, to tell me he is on his way home, couldn’t help but ask what was making me cry. Lol.

So here is a bit about the story.

Onome feels abandoned by her husband. However, she is still very much attracted to her ex. But she doesn’t know this until she runs into him again. She tries to ward off adulterous thoughts, but still, she finds herself drawn to him. What happens next will leave you dumbfounded, as it almost spelt the beginning of her end.

Temi is always busy, working hard to provide for his family. While at it, he loses sight of what is most important. But when he comes home to see his wife dying of drug overdose, all because of another man, he is heartbroken.

Lade is Onome’s ex-boyfriend. He is also married with kids, but it seems he needs one last fling with Onome; a fling that would bring up unexpected events.

Other characters that made this book worth reading include Obi, Onyeka, Anita, Ese, the marriage counsellor, Mirabel and Chudi.


There are so many unexpected twists in this book; each of them makes you happy, or sad. Most importantly, you get to understand clearly, what God is saying about marriages, how to keep your home and how to win back the love of your spouse. Like Temi said after all the trials and temptation, “marriage is not beans.” You can’t go in with one-sided view or idea of what marriage should be. You need to totally understand what you’re getting yourself into.

The writing style for Perfect Love is different from what I’m used to, and unique. However, you need to follow the story step by step, or you get confused along the way.

Perfect Love is a great book for both singles and married couples; male and female alike. Believe me, it is one of the best novellas you’ll ever read on marriage, marriage counselling, and backed by scriptures.

My eldest brother is getting married soon, and I’m definitely going to ask him and sister-in-law to be, to get their copies. I’m also getting one for my friend. You should get a copy too. I promise you wouldn’t regret it.

Ufuomaee did a fantastic job with this one; no grammatical errors, no spelling errors. This book was very well edited. The flow is easy to follow.  But like I wrote up there, you need to follow the story thoroughly so you don’t get confused, as it is written in first person narrative for both Onome and Temi.

Please, give yourself a wonderful New Year gift by getting a copy of Perfect Love here.


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