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I am happy to announce, that we now have three different ways you can show your support for Oladejo, Oluyemisi Adebola, whose story I shared on this blog a while back. In case you missed it, you can read all about her struggles, health challenges, and need for your financial support here. Below is also a summary of her struggles and why she really needs your help.

“I have lived with sickle cell all my life and was resigned to that reality. However, living is becoming near impossible. My reality now is fighting for my life week in, week out on the hospital bed. I love to serve humanity. I am a dedicated teacher. For years, I have served as a translator for people with hearing impairment in my local church. I am rearing to do so much more but living with sickle cell has become so much more demanding that I have a permanent bed in my hospital now. It almost felt like a losing battle until I heard of the opportunity of stem cell transplant which will give me a new lease of life by rewriting my genotype. I have made contact with a hospital in India. I also have a willing donor and all that stands in the path of me and life is N15 million and your good will. I submit myself to your goodwill.”
Oladejo, Oluyemisi Adebola

Now you understand what we are pushing for. I thank those who have gotten across and given her writing jobs. Most importantly, I am overjoyed you are completely satisfied with her work so far, and one of you referred other clients to her. Thank you so, so, much.

How You Can Help

1. Her Book (Omidan): You can support Oluyemisi by purchasing copies of her book. Don’t buy for yourself alone, but for others too. It costs only N1,000. Please click here to make the purchase. You can also contact her directly to buy more copies – Phone: 08146089500 or email:

2. Donate to Her Crowd Funding: Raising 15million naira is the target. And believe me, when I say, nothing is too small. If anything we all know what small drops of water make a mighty ocean. Nothing is too small to donate. Please visit her crowdfunding page by clicking here.

3. Offer Her Ghostwriting Jobs: Oluyemisi is someone I have come to admire. Despite falling into crises and being confined to bed rest, she still manages to take on jobs and deliver on time. She doesn’t just write for you, she presents your ideas clearly.

Oluyemisi expresses herself below.

“Information-peddlers make up a substantial percentage of the new media millionaires. People get paid for sharing their ideas! However, it isn’t easier to fart than it is to lose one’s voice in the competitive market of ideas. Your ideas are beautiful enough, but your competitors are strategic. Hence, you need someone who can help you to polish your idea and make it glitter so much that people will itch to ingest it. Get your opinion into people’s heads and minds. You too can get the public attention that you not only desire but also deserve. I will help you!

Let me do the writing while you get the credit. The piece I ghostwrite for you is credited to you and you remain the copyright owner. Do you own a blog or are you considering starting one? Do you need to give a public lecture or deliver a speech? Do you need to write a company profile, a celebrity memoir, a brochure or a prospectus? Has your business expanded so much that writing no longer fits into your congested schedule? Or you don’t just enjoy writing, yet you feel compelled to tell your story? Do you prefer your diction formal, less formal or informal?

Do you like to drive your point home using metaphors, analogies and idiomatic expressions or plain language is your preference? I will help you serve your idea in an enameled platter. For an appraisal of the quality of my writing, you can visit or

Still, you can rest assured that vicissitude is the hallmark of my craft. I can take your rough draft, give it a facelift and amplify it; take your outline and transcribe it; listen to your idea and craft it into a beautiful piece; edit (not write) your thesis, dissertation or research paper.

You can contact me at 08146089500 or email I look forward to working with you.

Oladejo, Oluyemisi Adebola

4. Please Share This Post: If you think you wouldn’t be able to assist financially, at least, you can assist by sharing this post massively, until it gets to all those whose assistance is needed. Please click the share button below, and thanks so, so much as you do.

God bless you

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