Pocket-Friendly Home-Made Meals Delivered to Your Home/Office

Pocket-Friendly Home-made Meals

Are you very busy, and have no time to cook Home-Made Meals for yourself or your family? Or would you just prefer to delegate cooking to a professional, who can prepare healthy party meals or home-made meals three times a day?

Would you like someone to take care of the shopping, and depending on your meal choices, draw up your menu? Jasminebri Socials takes care of the cooking, giving you time to yourself, your office, and time to relax with your friends/family members.


Jasminebri Socials Offer Personal Cooking in the Following Categories.

1. Personal home cooking/home delivery of cooked food.

2. House party catering, without the trouble of having to hire several caterers or a catering company.

3. Casual or office brunch delivery.

4. Wedding ceremonies, also without the trouble of having to hire several caterers or a catering company.

5. Beach parties.

6. An intimate celebration for close family and friends.

They can cover your catering from the comfort of your home, or from their catering house to your home/office.

They also prepare meals for those with special diet needs like food allergies, dieting, senior citizens, and vegetarians. Jasminebri Socials makes every meal enjoyable by working with you to decide how the menu should look.

Four Major Reasons You Need a Personal Chef?

A Personal Chef Service offers you and your loved ones wonderful and affordable meals in the comfort of your home or office, without the daily stress of shopping and cooking. It provides the maximum convenience of meal preparation in your home, or prepared meals delivered to your home. A breakdown of their Personal Chef services include:


1. Working With Your Budget

Jasmine Socials prepare delicious home, office, or party meals within your budget. Their Pocket-friendly, homemade meals arexactly the way you want it.


2. Customized Menu Planning

They take out the time to understand you and your family’s preferences before drawing up a customized menu plan for you.


3. Storage

Cooked meals are packaged in nice bowls so you can store them in your refrigerator. Stored meals can last you anywhere from a few days, to a whole week.


4. Grocery Shopping

Jasminebri Socials take away the stress of standing on long queues, struggling through a crowded market and bargaining prices of food items. They take precious time to ensure they get only the best (fresh) comodities at reasonable prices that fits into your budget.


Other Benefits of Having Jasminebri Socials as Your Personal Chef?

  • Timely delivery to your home or office or for your events.
  • Proper planning, from shopping to having your meal cooked and delivered.
  • Jasminebri Socials come with years of experience.
  • They don’t joke with food hygiene.
  • They respect clients and understand boundaries.
  • Services rendered are on a contract basis and can be flexible.
  • Their meal plans put into consideration, options for children, and special needs for dieting and elderly persons.

We live in times where everyone is mostly busy attending to demanding schedules. It’s not so easy having the time and patience to cook healthy and palatable meals, hence Jasminebri Socials is here to help.

Their services are made flexible, so they can work around your schedule by choosing a time that’s most convenient for you. Give them a call today!

Jasminebri Socials: 08023377808


Pocket-Friendly Home-made Meals




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