Facebook Advertising Guide



In this e-book, I gave a detailed step-by-step picture guide on how to create well-targeted adverts on Facebook, so that you’re targeting your exact audience and making returns on investment. No fluffs. Just a straight-to-the-point guide that will help you start advertising the right way and seeing the results you want.

The entire process is simplified for you in this ebook. No big grammar or techy words that confuses people.


You’ll learn

– How to set up your Facebook page

– How to locate your Ads manager

– How to fund your Ads account

– The entire process on how to set up your advert.

– How to ensure your audience targeting is very detailed (This is the most important. So you don’t throw away money)

– All advert features are explained.

After going through this picture guide, as long as you follow the rules, your adverts should start yielding results, for lesser amount

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