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Foreign blogs pay well. They pay attention. They give you more publicity as a writer. In otherwords, you don’t have to hide your name. You are given full credit for written works.

In my lecture with Nigerian writers in my WhatsApp group, I told them to go international. Write for foreign blogs and save yourself headache upon headaches. And this ebook is a large collection of sites that pay you to write. It is the largest collection I have put together personally. It contains over 550 sites that pay $50-$500 for lifestyle stories, how to guides, tech stuff, politics, religion, travel, Skincare, business, personal finance, etc. And most of these sites don’t want jobs above 1000 words.

The good news is, not all of them want articles about their own people and culture. A lot of them, even airlines, are open to stories and culture from all over the world. Some want you to share your story as a Nigerian. They want to see Nigeria and feel your experiences, through your write-ups.


If you have problems buying the ebook, please contact me to buy your copy directly.

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