Why Self Care Matters in Business

Self-care reflects every little thing there is about us. It also goes a long way in deciding how others see us.

Early in December 2017, the owner of OkadaBooks, Ofili Okechukwu, called me to ask if I could take on extra work as two of the staffs covering other departments had tendered their resignation. I didn’t think too much about it before I agreed. But then, a few weeks later,  I was told again that someone else was leaving. And since we had few hands to work, I agreed to also cover that person’s department. Before all of these, I was covering 2 departments.

So January 2018, met me working 5 different departments. It was crazy. The work there was 24 hours since it is a work from home job. Though one could take out time to freshen up, attend to chores, shopping and sleep. But, we never really slept all through. As at then, we could be up till 2 a.m. or 4 a.m, still working.

By the third month of working in all 5 departments, I started to experience a migraine. It came a little at a time. Then I noticed my hands and feet sometimes felt like there was no blood in it. With time, things started to get more serious.

Another terrible part of what happened to me was that I didn’t notice the stress was making me have a lot of pimples. And I was unconsciously just pinching them away. By July, when I left the company due to issues that came up, that was when I realized what I had done to my face.  It was a terrible sight. I had not taken care of my physical appearance because I was working from home and too tied up getting stuff done on the job.

So while I started the process (and it has been a long one) of working on my appearance, I only took some medications to relieve me of the stress and the feeling of no blood in my body.

So when I returned to working on my blog, I applied the same energy I gave my job at Okadabooks and working several angles all by myself didn’t help reduce the stress. It increased.

I pushed triple hard to make my business work. In the process of trying TOO hard to make them work, my health started going bad. I told myself it is malaria and typhoid. I took treatment. But the problem persisted, and I did not stop working, until the day I almost passed out.

My people at home insisted I must rest. No more work. I refused because even as at that time, I didn’t realize how bad my health had become. I didn’t know what I was doing to myself. I needed to work. I wanted to work. But they insisted. No work. They took away my phone, tablet, and laptop and only gave them back to me when I agreed to rest. I watched movies to while away time.

After resting for two days, that’s when I started to fully realise what I had done to myself. Right now, I can’t take on stressful work, or do to much work because,

  1. My chest would start to hurt me.
  2. I end up not breathing well
  3. I instantly feel like there’s no blood in me.

Now, I try as much as possible to rest.  As for my appearance, pimples and acne. It has been a long battle; one that I’m still working hard to correct. I have bought several products, and I’m only just starting to see real results in my body.

My business is expanding and I am now at the point where I need to look very presentable both physically and mentally.

I have shared my experience because I don’t want you to go through the same problems I put myself through.

You may ask, “what is self care?” “Why is self care activity so important?”

As indicated by Stats Canada, people who are more stressed and highly focused running their daily activities were 3 times bound to have a significant burdensome life than individuals with low-pressure situations.

There is a solid connection between stress and misery, just as various other medical problems.

Have you ever, or are you fully centred around what you have to accomplish and have overlooked yourself? Are you telling yourself, well, I can take care of myself later. Let me get this done first?

We have to quit considering the practice of self care as an extravagance when it is really a need. You need to understand that you are your most important resource and on the off chance that you need achievement in your job or business, at that point, you have to make thinking about yourself a need.

More prominent mindfulness and thoughtfulness regarding your body and mental wellness will bring about a boost in your work. Individuals and companies will become attracted to you because they will feel your incredible energy as you work more effectively every day to achieve your business or job’s goals.

To buttress this point, below are five reasons why self-care matters with regards to your business achievement:


1. Self-Trust

Self-care will make you have more confidence in yourself and what you are doing. For example, if I have balanced mental health, I will trust myself to handle the major tasks that help the business grow. I will trust myself to be fit and presentable enough to attend meetings with sponsors who want to collaborate with me. I will trust myself enough to know my customer service duties should be top-notch. I will trust myself enough to make major decisions because I can think straight. I’m not stressed

When you care for yourself, you trust yourself enough to deliver the outcome you want in your business.

When I was down due to lack of self-care, my business was almost at a standstill. I couldn’t get things done and as such, had to turn down even small jobs. I wasn’t fit to handle them or help the business income.

Also, someone invited me to an event where I was sure I could make solid connections. But still, my bad health and appearance made it impossible for me to go, as I did not want to spoil my first impression.

The best part about building up self-trust is that this will profit everybody around you and make a positive workplace experience.


2. Staying Away From Burnout

Stress-related issue leads to burnout. And if you’re a small business owner, burnouts can grind you and your business to a halt. I was forced to learn this. When you’re down due to stress, and there’s no one running the business in your absence, you lose clients and you lose money.

As business owners, we do get carried away with work and in the process, we forget to create time for ourselves. Time to rest the mind. Time to socialize. Time to eat well and sleep well. Time to relax in the company of friends and family, go on vacations and experience the little but wonderful moments life has to offer.

Neglecting to invest significant time for yourself will put you in danger of wearing out. If this happens, it can take you months to recuperate and eventually get back in what you are attempting to accomplish. In my case, this is the fourth month. And I’m still recuperating.


3. You Will Embrace an Abundance Attitude

When you care for yourself, you get to realize that you have a lot to be grateful for. You wouldn’t even feel that you lack anything when you do this.

So organize your time table to include your vacation days, weekend relaxations and so on.

Setting aside the effort to do things you love will make you feel wealthy. It will likewise motivate you with new creative ideas that will help boost your business, and other aspects of your life; including your mental health.

Wayne Dyer said, “Wealth isn’t something we obtain. It is something we tune into.”


4. You Will Discover That Self-Care is Free

Heading to sleep early is free. Allowing yourself 10 minutes of reflection in the first part of the day is additionally free. Taking a stroll around the neighbourhood is free. Relaxing with a movie or a talk show or a reality TV show is free. Making yourself a nutritious meal is free. Yes, free in that, you cook it yourself. It is way better than starving to work and then going for a quick bite of junk food that will cost a lot.

Engaging in basic self-care practices can save you a lot of pain, and money. Also, extending the self-care practices to your workers will help them have better strategic and creative input in building your business.



5. Self-care Aids Positive Vitality

At the point when you’re at your best and truly flourishing, you become a stunning salesperson and you will find that you appeal to potential customers and partners.

Companies and Individuals will beg to work with you, to taste of the radiance they see around you. No one wants to work with a person who is overstressed, burnout, and as such, have nothing to offer except negative energy.

What numerous individuals don’t understand is that vitality exudes from us – it is our vitality that will send the message as to our actual degree of self-care. It tells if you’re setting aside the effort to build up an interior equalization of liking ourselves, which is one very important aspect of self-care. There is a natural association between what’s going on within us and outwardly.

Self-care requires an all-encompassing point of view – inner, outer, social, and your condition, are altogether pieces that will affect your self-care. Not having great associations with loved ones, or time to mingle or celebrate will degrade your self-care. As people, we have to relate with other people. No man is an island to himself.


6. You Are Needed

When the new marketing manager at Okadabooks started work, I only worked under him for two months when trouble popped up and I had to resign, because, despite my input, they were going to reduce my position and bring me back to beginner level with less than half of what I was earning before as my new salary. It was stupid. At that moment I wondered why I ever neglected my self-care because I was too busy giving my 101% attention to a company that was not my own.

Dear reader, you need to understand that no one but you can make you a need. Nobody else will do this for you. You can be replaced in your sport’s team, music team, movie production crew, place of work, relationship, etc. But no one can replace you in your life,  in your happiness and in self-love.

Self-care starts with framing minor propensities. You have to locate a trigger which is the perfect time in your timetable. For instance, in the event that you need to rehearse profound breathing, at that point, your trigger may be minutes in the day when you are feeling on edge (before a significant gathering, meeting, or while you are stranded in rush hour gridlock).

For what reason do you think individuals appear to so effectively disregard their self-care? Simple. We get too busy to care. We don’t include it in our errand list, or mental time table.

But the truth remains that for self-care to turn into a need, it doesn’t simply occur. You need to design it in.

Below is a daily self care checklist to assist you with consolidating self-care into your day by day schedule.

  1. Recall you are your most significant asset.
  2. Make sound objectives and limits.
  3. Remember that self-care is one of your best marketing strategies.
  4. Drink a lot of water.
  5. Eat frequently and healthy.
  6. Stretch for the duration of the day.
  7. Get a decent night’s rest. Attempt to get eight hours per night.
  8. Spoil yourself. Get a pedicure, back rub or take yourself to a spa.
  9. Practice ordinary reflection or journaling to compose your psyche.
  10. Have sound limits and realize when to say no.

What are some different things you do to rehearse self-care? Please drop your thoughts and ideas in the comment section.


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