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Our holistic facial course is a well-detailed course for beginners, that gives existing facial therapists more insights on all there is to know about holistic facials. This course covers the background tricks, information, theories, best practices, techniques, essential products, and ingredients as well as professional and business perspectives all relating to holistic facials.


What You Will Learn

This facial course introduces the basics of holistic facias, how it works, and the difference between the standard facials and holistic facials.

You will also learn the holistic facial principles, the ingredients used in the holistic facial process and the harm caused by other chemicals in the products we use daily.

Then we move further to look at the different types of essential oils, carrier oils, face mask ingredients and recipes used, and the benefits of using these ingredients in a holistic facial process.

The course also covers the benefits of the lifestyle treatment process, the importance of exercise, raw food diet, mindfulness in the holistic facial process, facial movements, the pressure points, and how to use them effectively in the facial massage process.

If you want to do this as a business, we have you covered, as we also explore topics on how to give your clients the holistic care they want, what a session entails, the ethics and responsibility you have towards your clients. Also, the course looks at the business aspect of holistic facials, how to find customers, create your content and manage your own holistic facial business.

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Holistic Facial

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction
Part 1: How Facials Work
Part 2: The Holistic Facial Difference
Part 3: The Benefits of Holistic Facials

Module 2: The Principles of Holistic Facials
The Principles

Module 3: Holistic Facials Ingredients

Part 1:The Harm Caused by Chemicals

Part 2: The Advantages of Holistic Facial Ingredients and Types of Ingredients

Module 4: Holistic Facial Ingredients – Common Natural/Organic Ingredients
Part 1: Carrier Oils and Essential Oils
Part 3: Mask Ingredients and Recipes

Module 5: The Holistic Facial Process – The Business
The Consultation Process
Client Questionnaire
Long Term Client-Therapist Relationship

Module 6: The Holistic Facial Process – Recommending Lifestyle Treatments
Part 1: Exercise
Part 2: Raw Food Dieting and Mindfulness

Module 7: The Holistic Facial Process
Giving Facials

Module 8: Facial Massage
Facial Massage Techniques
Understanding Facial Massage

Module 9: Client Care
Client Care
The Structure of a Session

Module 10: Finding Your Customers
Content Creation
How To Write Advertorials by Nevhille Medhora
Basic Intermediary CopyWriting Exercises From Neville Medhora
How To Run Facebook Adverts.

Holistic Facial

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Who Can Benefit From This Course?

This course is essential if you want to open a business offering holistic facials

If you want to improve your already existing knowledge about holistic facials

Those who would like to transition from facials to holistic facials

Those who want to learn about it for personal use


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