Relationship Hangout with Bella: Get Yourself in the Best ‘Mindset’ for Love

Your ‘Mindset’ is everything when it comes to you and your love life. Your ‘Mindset’ defines you; it gives you choices; to be happy in your relationship / love life or, to be unhappy. Also, the love you have for your partner depends largely on your Mindset.

When your ‘Mindset’ is clouded with thoughts of, I am not good in any relationship, so far I have dated and they all ended in the same way. I don’t think the relationship I’m about to commit myself to will last’. Or you have thoughts like, ‘I have been through a lot. My heart has been broken to pieces in all my previous relationships. I don’t want to date anyone or give myself to someone again. I feel like whatever happened in my previous relationships will repeat itself again, it always happens. I have given up on ever finding love or having to walk into a relationship. I have given up on Love.

Once you have a ‘Mindset’ like those above, it would mean you’re really never going to have a good relationship. You’d even end up chasing away the good ones.

Let your ‘Mindset’ always be positive not negative. If your ‘Mindset’ is positive then you will always have a Perfect positive relationship with your partner/spouse.

I know of a very good lady who was a close family friend of ours. Let’s call her ‘Gloria’. Gloria is a successful business woman. She’s well known for her Catering, Interior and exterior decoration services in Lagos. But she
has one very big obstacle that was preventing her from being happy. Her Love life.

Gloria has this stupid ‘Mindset’ that in any relationship, she’d never end up walking to the altar with her man. Her negative ‘Mindset’ manifested for her, a lot of failed relationships. It made her look like she could never settle down.

Her ‘Mindset’ tricked her into believing that ‘It’s just how it was supposed to be. Always a failure”. Then one morning, Gloria woke up and told herself ‘enough is enough’. Then and there she decided that she will always have a positive mindset towards her relationship. And it worked for her. She met and got married to her now husband and they have the best couple story.

She told me this: Those who always have a Negative ‘Mindset’, be it in Marriages, Relationships, Career etc., are always thinking and telling themselves ‘I don’t think it this will work out’. But those with a positive ‘Mindset’ will always be in the same page with me, they will always think and always say to themselves ‘I will make it work out’. Once you set your ‘Mindset’ on a good path, love will find you.

You have to know dear readers, that:

1. You have a courageous spirit.

2. You can face whatever the world throws at you.

3. Your relationships will go smoothly.

4. Your marriages will work out.

Believe and have a good ‘Mindset’. It will work out for you.

I was watching a Nigerian home video some time back, where I saw Ramsey Noah walk in on his girlfriend hugging a guy and telling the guy she loved him. The guy replied same way.

Ramsey Noah angrily walked out, feeling betrayed. His girlfriend went after him to explain that the guy was her younger brother and truly it was. It also happened that Ramsey Noah had wanted to propose to her before
he made the mistake. His girlfriend told him that since he had the Mindset’ of her cheating on him that she won’t accept his proposal. That almost ended a perfect relationship because Ramsey Noah had the ‘Mindset’ of any girl he dated always cheat on him.

What I am trying to say is, you don’t need negative thoughts following you around. A negative thought is like a bad habit, like a shadow that you have been trying to avoid but can’t, it will be struck on you forever unless you fight it. But when you have a positive thought you won’t only be the one to follow it. You follow each other. A positive ‘Mindset’ is sunlight that can make the shadows, the bad habits that have almost ruined you, fade out. Then it helps you find your path again.

Don’t be among those who always say ‘I don’t think it will work out’ rather be among those who have a positive ‘Mindset’ and will always say ‘I will make it work out’. And believe me you will get yourself in the
best ‘Mindset’ for Love.

Have a positive thought and Love will find you in 2018. Amen

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Relationship handout with Bella
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