Relationship Hangout With Bella: Love is Blind But You Are Not Blind

Many ladies go into a relationship because they want to feel like they belong in that category. So many are led astray because of the love they have for money. Many have visited the great beyond because they were in pursuit of money and didn’t really care about their lives.

One Baba told us a story of one of his daughters, who went to school in a Polytechnic.

His daughter was a very pretty young lady, with a promising future. When she was in her first year, the going was innocent, she always remembered she came from a responsible family.

His daughter never even got in a relationship until she met a guy. He had just graduated from another University, and came to visit a friend of his in that Polytechnic.

Well as fate would have it, they met and quickly became friends. One thing led to another and they started dating. Love, they say is blind, as the lady left her schooling to go and live with the guy in his apartment. She stayed with him for a year.

Of course, the guy was stinking rich, but he was a heavy smoker. And Bisola did not care. She loved him and she loved his money.

The Baba didn’t know what was happening with his daughter. He still thought his daughter was in school and he was praying fervently for her success

Well, they say no secret can remain a secret forever. Baba finally got to know what was happening. He tried to force his daughter out of the boy’s house but it was as if he was talking to a wall. He went as far as saying, if she wanted to marry the guy, he would accept. But she had to return home first, and then back to school. Afterwards, he would encourage the boy’s family will come and seek her hand in marriage.

But none of his promises could make Bisola leave her boyfriend’s house. Baba was worried. But he returned home.

Then one fateful morning, just as he was about to have breakfast with his family, they heard a knock on the door. One of his daughters went to open the door and it was a postman who came to give them a letter. Baba opened the letter and read the content:

Daddy, it’s me your daughter, Bisola. I just want to tell you that you should not look for me again. I have found the love of my life and I will marry him. This will be the last you will be hearing from me again. Please pretend I do not exist. And that was the last time they heard from their daughter.

The Baba paused then, reflecting on the past. It was almost like he didn’t feel like continuing the story.

We had to ask him what happened next. Did she came back or did something happens and she realized her mistakes?

Baba said for ten good years, he did not use his eyes to see his daughter. But he and his family still prayed for her to realize what she’s doing.

They had given up hope and had thought that they had lost their daughter for good when one early morning, they woke to a loud knock. Baba attended to the door and was very surprised to see his long-lost daughter Bisola, looking like death had caught up with her. She was seriously malnourished.

He quickly took her in. Her mother gave her food. Later on, she told them her story, of how the guy was smoking Indian hemp and later ran mad. She started looking for any means to help her husband but to no avail.

The madness got to a stage where anytime the man sees her, he will chase her around, trying to kill her. His property was seized by his parents and they threw her out of the house without a dime.

It was afterwards, she remembered she had a family. Hence she was home. No, she did not have a child for the guy. Her younger sister had long married and given birth to two kids, 9 and 6 years respectively. She had not only wasted her life with a lunatic, she had also thrown away her education because of blind love and money.

Bisola later got married, though, in 2016. But getting back her life has not been easy.

Baba ended the story with this: It is true that Love Is Blind but the Lovers Are Not Blind.

Today, there are many ladies are like Bisola out there. Once they meet someone who is rich enough to foot all their bills, they follow that person blindly. But things have never really worked that way.

In any reasonable relationship, a guy wants his lady to be satisfied with what he/she has. Don’t go and start doing big eye because your friends’ boyfriends are spending lots of cash on them. You don’t know the things a lot of those ladies suffer or have to keep up with. Don’t forget that it has led many young ladies into doing what they were not supposed to do in the first place.

Don’t be among those that are saying Love is blind. Abeg, if love is blind are you then blind?

You know he beats you up, still, you went ahead to get married to him or continued dating him. My sister what do you expect to get?

Please to avoid stories that touch the heart. Pay close attention to the character of the person you are dating.

And to the ladies reading this, Love is Blind, yes, we all know that since the 1990s, but you are Not Blind, that is the truth.


Relationship handout with Bella
Relationship Hangout

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke is a passionate creative writer and a contributor on Pelleura. Her work, titled, ‘My Legendary-Achebe’ earned her an award in the 2016 essay writing competition. When she isn’t working or glued to her books, she spends time thinking up new ideas. Her two novels, Moonlight and the Warrior and The Return of Ijele are available on Okadabooks. Her life is indeed, her message.

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