Fashion Hotspot – Reliable Cloth Hacks For Body Types You Didn’t know About

If you want to dress in such a way that people begin to ask if you got yourself a personal stylist, then you NEED to read this post until the end.

It is another date on Fashion Hotspot with QueenBee, and we will be discussing different body types and reliable hacks that works for each and every one of them.

Whether you are overweight, petite, or slim, you have a class of body type that you belong to. How is a body type determined? It is determined by the distribution of fat in your body, with three focal points; Hips, Bust, and Waist.

There are basically four (4) body types in the fashion industry. These body types guides the fashion industry in designing clothing items. So you see, a clothe that fits Angela, might not look good on Debra.

A familiar experience is, going to a boutique and seeing a nice dress on the mannequin, which you fall in love with, immediately. But when you wear it, it doesn’t give you the same fit it gave the mannequin, and you are wondering if something is wrong with your body.

No darling, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your body, you just wore the wrong clothe.

Is there anything like a wrong clothe?

Yes there is. If it is not for your body type, it is the wrong clothe.

So you might ask, how can I know the right clothe for me?
It is very easy, but the key is to know your body type. Like I said before, there are basically four body types, and they are;

  • Apple Body type
  • Pear Body type
  • Rectangular Body type
  • Hour glass Body type

I am going to explain each of the body types so that you know where you fall under because, this is key to shopping for the right clothes and looking your very best.

Rectangular Body Type

Body fat is generally found around the chest, buttocks, abdomen and face. The waist is relatively smaller compared to the hips and bust. You are rectangular shaped if you have;

  • Straight hips and bottoms
  • Not a lot of curves
  • Small to average bust
  • Your bust and waist is about the same measurement, while your waist is narrower, ratio is 4:4:3.

Pear Body Type

You fall under pear body type if you have;

  • Narrow shoulders with a smaller bust
  • Well defined waist
  • Lower body is wider than upper body
  • Rounded bottoms
  • Full hips and thighs
  • Ratio of busy waist and hips is 3:2:4.

Apple Body Type

For those with apple body type, there is;

  • Average to big bust
  • Broad shoulders
  • Fullness around the middle, less defined waist
  • Narrow hips
  • Good legs.

Hour glass Body Type

You are a hourglass like Beyonce, if you have;

  • Full breast
  • Well defined narrow waist
  • Proportionately balanced
  • shoulders and hips
  • Rounded bottom
  • Curvy body
  • Ratio of bust, waist and hips is 4:2:4

The goal in dressing according to body type is to flaunt our best features like a narrow waist, or good legs, or full breast, and hide our problematic areas. So now we are going to look at each body type, and see what clothes best fit them.

Dressing a Apple Body Type

Flattering outfits include;

High Waisted Circle Skirt

A high waisted skirt sits on the narrowest part of your waist, giving the illusion of curves. The circle hem also help in giving the illusion of large hips therefore balancing out your features.

Shift dress

Because this does not cling to the body, it hides problem areas. But it should be above the knee or just below the knee, to flaunt good legs.

Low waisted straight leg pant

Trousers that sit low on the hip will avoid any stomach bulge, and is flattering for this shape.

For a Apple body type, avoid these clothes;

  1. Heavy detailing around the waist
  2. Body con dresses
  3. Ruffled or gathered skirts


Dressing a Pear Body Type

Pear shaped women should style with the goal to elongate and balance their figure by accentuating the upper body.
Best outfits include;

Off-the-shoulder fit and flare dress

Your bare shoulders will take the attention away from your larger lower body, and the flare highlights the smallest part of your waist, and conceals wider hips.

Try boot cut trousers

This kind of trousers draws the eyes away from the hips and the largeness of the hem balances out your hips, making them look just right, compared with the rest of your body.

People with this body type should avoid;

  1. Bias cut dresses and skirts
  2. Baggy tops
  3. Embellishments on hips and thighs
  4. Pencil, fishtail and tight tube skirts
  5. Low waisted skinny jeans


Dressing Rectangular Body Type

The goal here is to accentuate the smaller waist, so that hips and bust appear larger.

Great clothe items to achieve this goal include;

Ruffled tops

Ruffles makes your busy look bigger and your waist shapelier.

Try a cut out dress

People with rectangular shape are the best people to wear a cut out dress, as it foes perfectly with the small waist.

The only thing they have to avoid is clothes with no symmetry (shapeless), or clothes that hide the waist.


Dressing the Hour Glass Body Type

For this shape, it is quite easy to style as it can hardly go wrong due to the balanced features and a narrower waist.

The goal here, is to flaunt the curves, so body con dresses, crop tops, and fitted clothes are best looks for this body type. Other outfits include;

Wide leg pants

This makes you look taller and balances your shape.

Wrap Dress

The V neckline flatters your busy and the wrap detail highlights the curves.

Penciled Skirt

It is so flattering on a hour glass shape because it accentuates the curves and smoothed out the thighs.

Now that you know what to look out for on your next shopping trip, revamp your wardrobe with clothes that bring out your best features and hide your problematic areas. So that you will look nothing but, your best self.


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