Scaling the Fence – John’s Story


John was in his father’s backyard at their farm hut in the forest, when a lion that his father had captured the day before, broke out of its cage and started to chase him fiercely.

John, just 18 years of age, would have loved to call for help, as his father had a rifle and was a sharpshooter. For it was his shooting talent that earned them games from the bush – enough to sell and a lot to eat at home.

Unfortunately, John’s father wasn’t home. Not even his Uncle who had followed them to the forest for games had gonw with him. John had no choice but to run for his dear life. But there was an issue. The hut was surrounded by a high wire fence. Not so high though, about the same height as tall lanky John.

In a flash, John remembered a time when his father had teased him about not being able to climb the fence fast enough.

“If you were being chased by a leopard, it’ll catch you and eat you up before you even attempt to climb the fence,” his father had teased.

Well, he was being chased. But this was a lion. An angry and probably hungry, Lion.

John knew that running around the compound in circles was useless. And since he already locked the hut door, as he had been about to leave the premises so as to join his father and Uncle in the bush where they normally hunt for games, trying to unlock the door meant being caught and ripped apart by the angry creature. And so he faced the fence, raced madly to it and with a rush of adrenaline, he scaled it. John ran without looking back, to his father and Uncle, panting.

Perplexed, his father asked what the matter was.

John explained what had happened. And his father, as well as Uncle were glad he made it over the fence, alive. But when they asked him how he scaled the fence, John couldn’t really tell how. It was just survival at its peak.

However, in the days that followed, he practiced intentionally, how to scale the fence without too much struggle. And when he was done with that, he went on to practice with higher fences. And his father was proud.

A lot of us are like John today. There are certain feats we feel too small to accomplish. We fear to even try. But when the chips are down and we have no choice but to survive. We scale the fence. And most times, we do not even know how we did.

A few move on with their lives, just glad to be alive. While others go back to the fence, study it hard and try to remember how they scaled over it. They practice over and over again until they are masters of it, then they go out to scale higher fences.

Our lives are in our hands. How well you overcome an issue and then work towards ensuring you always overcome it, as well as other tougher issues, determines how far you’ll go in life.

If there’s an obstacle in your way. If there’s an issue troubling you. If you are harassed in any way, don’t give up. Scale the fence. Bring that issue to an end in your life. Pray, as you know how to. Speak to God as you would a father or mother. And then do everything you can to stay afloat.

Life may not be a bed of roses. But we can get rid of the thorns thrown at you.

Good morning. Do have a fulfilled Sunday, and a pleasant week ahead.


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