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Pitch Guidelines for Pelleura

Thank you for your interest in sharing your stories with us. This guide was copied and edited to help come up with story/article ideas that match what we want. And we sincerely look forward to your submissions.

Who Are We?

Pelleura is a publication that focuses mainly on women, their lifestyle choices and lifestyle hacks, their pain, their obstacles, their victories, their happiness, their achievements, their business, their relationships, their kids, etc.

This online publication launched sometime in September 2019. And our goal is to provide women with a platform where they can read daily stories and tips that enhances and uplifts them in every aspect of their lives.


Topics for our publication include; current events, culture, justice, equality, work-life, family and home-life, self-care, self-confidence and self-esteem issues, parenting, psychology, spirituality, career, friendship, ageing, habits, love and dating, music, body image, trauma and recovery, caregiving, hobbies… and the list goes on.

We want to look at all these topics, not just through our own eyes, but through the eyes of those who have lived it. And on Pelleura, we bare it all.

Our Voice and Approach

1. The stories we approve of are generally grounded in expert knowledge, reporting, and/or research. You have to be sure of the experience you’re sharing with us. But if it is something that needs to be researched, please do so.

2. While some of our stories will be “evergreen,” some of our stories will be time-retrained, in other words, readers would need to explore it and follow the trend or news, at the time of publication.

3. Our stories carry the voice, perspectives, experiences, and culture of a diverse range of writers. These stories are thoughtful, reflective, carry emotions, and are smart.

4. We don’t publish or approve articles that come across as detached, building on racism, or illegal quick fixes to personal problems. We respect our readers and would never give them such to read.

Category Types

Pelleura is focused on providing thought-provoking content for and about women generally, nd the contributions here are done by new and seasoned voices. It is a platform where women’s grace, grit, spirit and experiences are celebrated and valued. The tone of our major publications is intellectual and constructed to spark conversations. If you think your story matters to women, then it should be on Pelleura. These stories can be in any of the below categories;

Health and fitness
Personal Essays
Spiritual development and meditation
Family and kids
Technology as it relates to fashion, beauty, skincare, lifestyle, health.
How to guides
Skincare and beauty
Business and Personal finances
Book, music and movie reviews


Who Writes For Us?

Though we are open to showcasing the work(s) from writers in any niche, as the majority of submitted stories to our platform are edited in-house by our team of editors. We are also open to submissions from writers in academia, arts, and public life for their opinions on how to live better and achieve more for women.


Personal  Stories

Yes, you are real. You’re not a robot. And so it is true your life experiences can help encourage someone to live a better life. It is true that from your experience, you can teach someone something valuable. You can help the next person stand tall despite trying times.

Maybe you’re going through some challenges and you need an avenue to share your pain and struggles, and in return get support/solutions from well-meaning readers.

Or, do you have new experiences you’ll like to share with us?

Don’t worry, if you want your identity hidden, we will do just that. So there’s nothing to be afraid of. Your life stories are valuable and we will love to share them with all our readers.



Word count limit for real-life stories/issues should be – 500 to 1500 words.

If your work is a real-life story, please let us know. Also, if the story isn’t your personal story, please ensure you get permission from the owner first.

Preferred Language: English (a little pidgin dialect here and there is allowed).

More Information:

– In as much as we publish relationship and sexually themed stories (real-life pieces), we will not publish pornographic materials.

– If your story/article lacks creativity, or has no aim, it will not be published.

– You cannot publish your work with us if you’ve published it elsewhere before.

– Every submitted story will be in the free category. We do not pay for submissions yet, but we encourage each contributor with a “thank you” offering of N2000 per submitted stories/articles.

– Do not steal people’s works and submit to us. We will know and we will reject it, along with any other work you submit.

– We reserve the right to edit your submission before publishing it

– We reserve the right to not publish submissions that are badly written.

– If you have more questions, please shoot us an email

– Please make your submissions to or

PS: Include your name, short bio and photo in the email.

The Practicalities of Writing for Us

We are not paying for submissions yet, we hope to do so in the nearest future. But we encourage each contributor with a “thank you” offering of N2000 per submitted stories/articles.

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