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Welcome to my services page. There are a lot of things I can do for you. Please see them below:


1. Ghostwriting Services

We offer Ghostwriting services at N1500 ($4.14) per page for:

Script Writing for Web series and Movies

Short stories/Novellas/Novels – All fiction genres.

Company history books

Workplace culture books


Digital magazines (N2000 per page = $5.52 per page)

Self-help books

How-to Guides for your products and services (N1500 per page = $4.14 per page)

Story-driven content marketing for businesses

E-course materials for coaches

Blog Articles.


Cost varies and depends on what you want. So kindly hit the button below to tell us what you want.






2. Building Your Online Platforms


I offer Website, blog and e-commerce store setup or design. You tell us what you want and how you want it. We do the rest.  I also work on blog and website copies that help your blog stand out and increase sales (this is a separate service).

Cost varies, depending on what you want





3. Consultation


Let’s discuss how to start, market and grow your business(es) online, with a blog.

Have you hit a roadblock in your business and you need someone to help get you going again?

Are you stuck on how to create content or manage time for your blog business and/your social pages?

Consultation discussions also cover defining your niche, purpose of your business, your target audience, the goals you need to set, traffic, income sources, resetting your thoughts and your affirmations, straightening your focus, self development and powerful content for your brand.

The cost of this offer will increase as the month progresses. So don’t miss it while the offer is still at a giveaway price.

Cost is N20,000 per month(consultation and assessment is 3 days a week, for the one-month period)



When you advertise on Pelleura, the aim is to help shoot up sales of your business, products and/or services. These advert placements are of 2 types. See the details below



4. Sponsored Post


This service covers ad banners, brand stories, product, or any well-written article to aid your business, product and services sale, or just to create some visibility for you.

Apart from being posted on this blog, posts will be shared, once, on our Facebook and Instagram fan pages with 4600 plus, 4200 plus and 2000 plus followers respectively. You also get one shout out to our email subscribers.

1 Ad banner on blog’s sidebar – N10,000 for a month

1 Ad banner on blog’s home page – N15,000 for a month

1 Ad banner on blog’s sidebar and home page – N20,000 for a month

Advert post for your business, written by you, – N20,000 (if your write up aligns with our blog’s values, the post will stay indefinitely. If not, we take it down in a month’s time.

If the post is written by us, the cost is – 25,000




5. Product/Services Review


If you have a product/service, you definitely want people’s attention drawn to it. And for that, a review is what you need. Why? A lot of buyers these days are careful about what they buy on the internet. And as such, you see them looking out for other people’s opinions about certain products and services before they buy. And I’m your go-to person for that. I will:

a. Work closely with you and where possible, also test what you’re offering, to know more about your product and service(s).

b. Write out your review.

d. Advertise your review on our blog.

e. It will also be shared to our fan pages with 4600 plus and 4200 plus and 3000 plus followers respectively.

E. We will set-up a five-days Facebook/Instagram paid ad boost for it, to get you more attention from your target audience. (bonus)

PS: You will need to send us a sample of your product for testing. If after testing your product, it doesn’t meet up to it’s promise, I will turn down the review and return your money.

Cost for review N25,000




6. Having your business Name and Link in a Post


There are posts in this blog that reflects your business or can be partly adjusted to reflect your business. And your business links will be placed in them.

We can adjust the line/sentence that reflects/advertises your business and include your link in it.

If you want the entire article to reflect/market your business, we can also do that.

Cost for your business link in an article is N5000 per link





Services Coming Soon

11. Videos – I create short Instagram videos for book thrillers, company adverts, product and services adverts, brand stories and even those made just for fun.

12. Video Editing –  If you have a raw video clip you want to be edited, I’m your person for that.

Our charges are moderate because we care for your pocket and still render excellent services. Discounts can be applied for bulk services, and payment can be processed via bank deposit or transfer.


1. All links from an advertisement or sponsored posts/banner will have the “nofollow” attribute, so we can comply with Google’s guidelines and policies.

2. We do not accept advertisements for pre-launch/pre-order businesses, opportunities, lead generation systems, phone actresses, self-development, online psychics, penny stocks, or investment opportunities.

3. Please be aware that we can only promote advertising from small businesses or companies with trustworthy products/services.

4. We only accept ads for businesses targeting women.

For more inquiries about the cost of services and available discounts, please feel free to contact us here or email: info@pelleura.top Or Whatsapp only: (+234) 8181317681

At Pelleura, we are ever at your service.

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