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Welcome to my services page. There are a lot of things I can do for you. Please see them below:


1. Book Cover Design


Creating your book cover with us gives you one free mockup design and a free ad on our feature spot. I also design e-flyers for your products, services, business, and book promotions etc.

This service costs anywhere from N4,000 to N10,000, depending on the type of design you’re interested in.





2. Editing/Proofreading


It is no longer news that bad editing can render your book totally useless. And when bad reviews begin to circulate about your book, no one will want to buy from you again. If you’re a self-publishing author, you shouldn’t take the risk of skipping editing. It is like pouring sand into your own food, and since we don’t want you to do that,  we’re here to help you clean up your script, both fiction and nonfiction.

We offer 3 types of Editing Services. See them below:

Proofreading –This service is all about cleaning up basic grammar, punctuation and spell check errors.

Line editing (This is almost the same as copy editing) – Line editing is all about the writing style, the voice of your book, use of sentences and paragraphs. Line editing helps perfect the voice and message you want your book to carry, by re-working on the language and communication style.

Developmental editing –  It focuses on your the development of your storyline, development of your characters, tying up all the loose ends and building bridges to properly link one scene to another. This will involve re-writing those scenes that don’t fit well, making it almost similar to ghostwriting. The author still has 100% right to the book.

But first, please help us to draw up a project plan for your work and calculate the cost by providing the following details.

  1. Type of editing you want.
  2. Word count of your manuscripts





3. Ghostwriting Services



We offer Ghostwriting services for:

a. Short stories/Novellas/Novels – All fiction genres.

b. Company history books

c. Workplace culture books

d. Memoirs

e. Digital magazines

f. Self-help books

g. How to Guides for your products and services

h. Story-driven content marketing for businesses

i. E-course materials for coaches

j. Articles.

Cost varies and depends on what you want. So kindly hit the button below to tell us what you want.





4. Brand Story


I write Brand Stories for your business to aid sales and growth: A Brand story is a story or write-up built around your business in a way that connects with the pains, emotions, happiness or well being of your target audience. It focuses on what your business offers, why it is offering it and how it offers it, therefore helping you engage your audience, and make sales.

A brand story isn’t only for big businesses. Small business owners such as yourself need a brand story, if you want to sincerely connect with the right audience, want to be taken seriously, and want to see growth.

There are 3 major aspects of branding. But I only focus on one. The message and positioning.

Writing a brand story for your business entails:

a. Work closely with you to understand/define your brand, and it’s purpose.

b. Conduct basic research on your target audience and your competitors.

c. Write you a clean and effective brand story based on the above information.

d. Post your brand story on our blog.

e. Have it shared to our fan pages with 4200 plus and 4000 plus followers, respectively.

E. Set up a one-day Facebook/Instagram paid ad boost for it, to get you more attention from your target audience. (Bonus)


Cost starts at N10,000 





5. Building Your Online Platforms


I offer Website, blog and e-commerce store setup or design. You tell us what you want and how you want it. We do the rest.  I also work on blog and website copies that help your blog stand out and increase sales (this is a separate service).

Cost varies, depending on what you want





6. Consultation

ServicesI offer hourly based consultation services where I discuss with you how to start, market and grow their business(es), online with a blog. Consultation discussions also cover defining your niche, purpose of your business, your target audience and the goals you need to set.

Cost is N10000 per hour





7. Sponsored Post


This service covers brand stories, product/ services reviews, or any well-written article to aid your business, your book sale, or just to create some visibility for you.

A sponsored post isn’t restricted to Brand Stories alone. It could be any write up about your product and services, that you want to be posted on my blog.

Apart from being posted on this blog, sponsored posts will be shared to our Facebook fan pages with 4200 plus and 4000 plus followers respectively.


If the post is written by you, the cost is – 15,000

If the post is written by us, the cost is – 20,000





8. Product/ Services Review


If you have a product/service, and you want people’s attention drawn to it, a review is what you need. Why? A lot of buyers these days are careful what they buy on the internet. And as such, you see them looking out for other people’s opinions about certain products and services before they buy. And I’m your go-to person for that.

Cost for review N15,000




9. E-Publishing Services


I offer E-book formatting and Publishing services for self-publishing authors on OkadaBooks, CreateSpace, Kobo, and Amazon. I’ll set up your account and handle the entire publishing process.

E-book formatting/publishing – 5000




Services Coming Soon

11. Videos – I create short Instagram videos for book thrillers, company adverts, product and services adverts, brand stories and even those made just for fun.

12. Video Editing –  If you have a raw video clip you want to be edited, I’m your person for that.

Our charges are moderate because we care for your pocket and still render excellent services. Discounts can be applied for bulk services, and payment can be processed via bank deposit or transfer.


For more inquiries  about the cost of services and available discounts, Please feel free to contact us here or email: info@pelleura.top Or Whatsapp only: (+234) 08103124171

At Pelleura, we are ever at your service.