Advertise With Us

When you advertise on Pelleura, the aim is to help shoot up sales of your business, products and/or services. These advert placements are of 2 types. See the details below


1. Sponsored Post


This service covers brand stories, product/ services reviews, or any well-written article to aid your business, product and services sale, or just to create some visibility for you.

A sponsored post isn’t restricted to Brand Stories alone. It could be any write up about your product and services, that you want to be posted on my blog.

Apart from being posted on this blog, sponsored posts will be shared on our Facebook fan pages with 4300 plus and 4200 plus and 2000 plus followers respectively.


If the post is written by you, the cost is – 10,000

If the post is written by us, the cost is – 15,000





2. Product/ Services Review


If you have a product/service, you definitely want people’s attention drawn to it. And for that, a review is what you need. Why? A lot of buyers these days are careful what they buy on the internet. And as such, you see them looking out for other people’s opinions about certain products and services before they buy. And I’m your go-to person for that. I will:

a. Work closely with you and where possible, also test what you’re offering, to know more about your product and service(s).

b. Write out your review.

d. Advertise your review on our blog.

e. It will also be shared to our fan pages with 4300 plus and 4200 plus and 2000 plus followers respectively.

E. We will set-up a one-day Facebook/Instagram paid ad boost for it, to get you more attention from your target audience. (bonus)

Cost for review N15,000




3. Having your business Name and Link in a Post


There are posts in this blog that reflects your business or can be adjusted to reflect your business. And so you’d like your business links placed on them. Sure, it’s very possible.

We can adjust the line/sentence that reflects/advertises your business and include your link in it.

If you want the entire article to reflect/market your business, we can also do that.


Cost for your business link in an article is N2000 per link



For more inquiries about the cost/delivery of ad services and available discounts when you combine two or more ad options, please feel free to contact us via email: Or Whatsapp only: (+234) 08103124171

At Pelleura, we are ever at your service.