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Consultation Session


Consultation Session

Let’s discuss how to start, market and grow your business(es) online, with a blog and/or an email list.

Have you hit a roadblock in your business and you need someone to help get you going again?

Are you stuck on how to create content or manage time for your blog business and/your social pages?

Do you need to build that audience that will consistently connect with you and buy from you?

Are you tired of social media consuming your time and giving you very little in terms of sales?

Do you want someone to hold your hand and lead you, step by step, in creating a system that gives you the audience you need?

Consultation discussions also cover defining your niche, purpose of your business, your target audience, the goals you need to set, traffic, income sources, resetting your thoughts and your affirmations, straightening your focus, self-development and powerful content for your brand.

Cost: N20,000 per month

(consultation and assessment 3 days a week, for the one-month period)

Consultation Session





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