Ghostwriting Services

1. Ghostwriting Services

Ghostwriting services

We offer Ghostwriting services at N1500 per page, for:

a. Short stories/Novellas/Novels – All fiction genres, except science fiction, occultic, and Erotica – 

b. Company history books 

c. Workplace culture books 

d. Memoirs

e. Digital magazines 

f. Self-help books 

g. How to Guides for your products and services 

h. Story-driven content marketing for businesses 

i. E-course materials for coaches 

j. About Us Page – (The most important page on your blog/website) 

k. Article writing 

Clients are entitled to only 3 revisions and  favourable discounts for bulk work.

For prices and discount for bulk work, please contact us by clicking the button below.

Ghostwriting services



2. Editing/Proofreading

Ghostwriting services

It is no longer news that bad editing can render your book totally useless. And when bad reviews begin to circulate about your book, no one will want to buy from you again. If you’re a self-publishing author, you shouldn’t take the risk of skipping editing. It is like pouring sand into your own food, and since we don’t want you to do that,  we’re here to help you clean up your script, both fiction and nonfiction.

We offer 3 types of Editing Services. See them below:

Proofreading –This type of editing costs N1.50 per word for the entire document. This service is all about cleaning up basic grammar, punctuation and spell check errors.

Line editing (This is almost the same as copy editing) – Line editing costs N2 per word. Line editing is all about the writing style, the voice of your book, use of sentences and paragraphs. Line editing helps perfect the voice and message you want your book to carry, by re-working on the language and communication style.

Developmental editing – This type of editing costs N2.50k per word. It focuses on the development of your storyline, development of your characters, tying up all the loose ends and building bridges to properly link one scene to another. This will involve re-writing those scenes that don’t fit well, making it almost similar to ghostwriting. The author still has 100% right to the book.

But first, please help us to draw up a project plan for your work and calculate the cost by providing the following details.

  1. Type of editing you want.
  2. Word count of your manuscripts

Ghostwriting services


For more inquiries  about the cost of services and available discounts, Please feel free to contact us here or email: Or Whatsapp only: (+234) 08103124171

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