Strange Man at Iri – Epilogue


Rodah knew, even though she could no longer see her mother, back at Iri, that she knew the outcome of the battle with her sister. She would have loved to comfort her on Ese’s loss. One could really never stop loving a child. But she was far away. Worlds apart. She could only hope her mother would get over the loss of two daughters, one to death and the other to time difference.

It is now a year since the incident in the forest. Rodah, about 7 months pregnant with her second child, would have loved to hold a one year remembrance for her twin sister. But what was there to remember? Ese’s evil deeds? Besides, Aaron didn’t want to hear anything about her ever again.

After they made it back to the mansion that night and took the few things they needed, Aaron set the mansion ablaze himself, happy to be rid of it and its memories.

Then they made their way to the village and passed the night at a small house provided for them by Okis’ tailor. No. The tailor did not recognize them. But he offered his help anyway, and Aaron paid him handsomely for it.

The following morning was the beginning of a new life for them all. For while news got to the villagers about the burnt forest, as well as the mansion, they were agog with gossip and group discussions of what could have or have not happened.

Some said the burning confirmed that the occupants of the mansion were evil. Those who had worked with Okis directly in the past, said he was a good man. They wondered though, if the occupants of the mansion all died in the fire, as they had not seen them.

While they wondered, Aaron along with his family, said farewell to their host, before heading to the motor pack to board a bus. They decided it would be best to return to Lagos and start life afresh.

The first few months would have been hard, as neither Aaron, Rodah nor John could find work. Thanks to the money Aaron took from the mansion. It covered their bills and rent.

But since a good job was not forthcoming, they decided to use what was left of the money to start family businesses.

However, Rodah and Mrs. Hope opted for a mini supermarket of their own. They understood that one source of income from an upcoming business would be a terrible strain on them. So while Aaron and John ran a communications technology business, the ladies ran the supermarket.

Little Aaron was enrolled in a good school in the fifth month. And for the first time in years, he was living a normal life. True, he was way older than all the kids in his class. But what did they know? They only saw him as a small boy.

John lived with the Obaras, not as a worker, but as a brother. And he continued to be loyal to Aaron. He didn’t really think much about getting married and settling down on his own, until Aaron teased him, asking if he was gay, as gay news seemed to be all over the news.

Now he dated a very intelligent lady. After all he had experienced, he didn’t think settling down for just beauty was a good idea. Marriage was in the pipeline, but he was taking things easy – step by step.

Generally, fitting into their new life was both fun and challenging. But all the same, they were happy to have a second chance to live life to the fullest.




©Karo Oforofuo. All rights reserved

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