Submission Guide

We accept submissions from authors who would like to be featured on Pelleura. We read every submission within 2 weeks of receiving it. If your article or article/story isn’t published within 2 weeks, then it simply means it was not approved. No. We are not trying to frustrate you. Please feel free to submit another article/story. Who knows, it might be approved.

On few occasions, we accept write-ups that have previously been published on other blogs, journals or magazine. We only ask that you inform us about the publishing status of your script.

Submission Guidelines for Non-Fiction Works

Non-Fiction works can be opinion pieces or true-life stories centered around everything  romance, relationships, and relationship tips. You can also submit stories centered on everyday life experiences in business, schooling, parenting, etc.

Word count limit for real-life stories should be – 500 to 2000 words.

Word count limit for opinion pieces should be – 500 to 1000 words.

If your work is a real-life story, please let us know. Also, if the story isn’t your personal story, please ensure you get permission from the owner first. We will request for such permissions.

What Topics Do We Accept?: All sex, romance, and relationship matters.

Preferred Language: English only (a little dialect here and there is allowed)


Submission of fiction works is allowed from writers all over the world.
These fiction consist of

1. Short stories,

2. Serialized fiction must be well-written. Your story could be set in any part of the world, but lead characters must be Africans.

Please know that we are also open to essays, poems and reviews.

Word Count Limit:

1. Short stories – 800 to 5000 words

2. Poems, essays and reviews –  800 – 1000 words. (Please try not to exceed 1200 words, at most).

What Genres Do We Accept?

Paranormal romance, epic romance, romance comedy, etc (Everything romance, weaved around social drama, will do)

What about Serials? Serialized fiction can be of any length. But each episode must have at least 1000 word count. The entire work should be at least, 5 episodes.

More Infor?:

In as much as we publish sex and sexually themed stories/opinion pieces. We will not publish pornographic materials.

And if your story lacks creativity, or has no aim, it will not be published.

If you have questions, please shoot me an email

Thanks for choosing Pelleura