Susan’s Dairy 1 – Chapter One

There are three types of people in this world, winners, losers and those who are in between. As for me, I am a winner and that is because I no longer do the things I used to do.

Back in the days, I used to live a very reckless life. I loved rough vacations, parties, guys, money, funny stuff, a good trouble-making and most of all, a nice time under the sheets with a hunk.

I was the kind of girl who got whatever she wanted and no one could stop me because I didn’t take crap from anyone.

I happen to be the only child of my late parents who died in an auto crash when I was just thirteen years old. I could not care for myself then so, I had to live with my aunt, my Dad’s younger sister.

Growing up in her house was everything but fun. My aunt practically turned me into her slave and her kids did not help matters at all.

When I was 16, I couldn’t take the crap from her and her kids anymore so I ran away from the house and since then, I became my own girl, ruling my own world and calling the shots wherever I go.

Not everyone liked the way I lived my life but I did not care. I stopped trying to please people ever since I ran away from my wicked aunty nine years ago.

I am 25 years old now, and I only started trying to please people again.

I don’t mean to brag but really, my life used to be something out of a movie. I hardly had a normal day because each day happened to be an adventure. I was what you’ll call a Lagos hot chick. I dealt with big boys who lived large and in turn, they paid my bills. Aside from that, anything else was… erm….not really important.

I reside at Adeniyi Jakande close, Surulere, Lagos. The people in my area used to call me crazy L, bitch, ass hole, Laura babe, sexy and so on but, my real name is Susan Osande and I happen to be the most beautiful and most down to earth person around, and that has really kept me going. Life is not and never will be a bed of roses you know, so, I try as much as possible to bend what I can to my will.

I started keeping a diary as a means of sharing my life and adventures with you. I started right after I survived an attempt made on my life by Eric Ajagun; one of the richest and most handsome guys in my part of town. I saw him as a gentle, kind-hearted and a soft-spoken person; little did I know that he was full of lies and deceit. He was a green snake in the green grass and I nearly lost my precious life because of him.

I met Eric about six months after my 24th birthday, at a dinner party organized by one of my friends who happens to be a high-class citizen. The party was seriously full of wealthy men but that particular day, I decided that Eric would be the one I take home, especially because I knew he was the owner of Eric Technologies; a very successful computer firm.

I was still living rough and so it was not difficult to play my games. That night when Eric saw me that evening, he instantly took to me because of my curves and I to him because of his money. Ever since we met, we have had lots of wonderful moments together but one Friday morning, I decided to play a fast one on him. I did not know what the consequences of my actions would be and how it was going to change my life for good.

What happened was this. On a Thursday night, Eric invited me to attend his friend’s birthday party with him and I agreed. After a swell time on the dance floor, we both got into the mood and decided to cool off at his guest house.

The next morning, I woke up early and left his house with a whopping N6 million. Please don’t get it wrong, I am not a thief and I usually don’t steal. What made me take the money? Well, err… maybe I wanted to teach him how to be more careful with his money, not that his carelessness was any of my concern.

As I went home that morning, I wondered what Eric would do when he found out that his money was gone. I just did not know that he would go too far.


To be Continued… 

A Pelleura story by Karo Oforofuo

See the next chapter here

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