Susan’s Diary 1- Chapter Four

“No way!” Tony said with a force that scared me. I quickly overcame my fears and asked him why not?

“If I dare point a gun in Eric’s direction,” he said. “I will not only have a hundred guns pointing back at me but they will point at my family too. Eric is not a man you mess with. He is dangerous.”

“But no one will know who the shooter is if you ask him to come over,” I said convincingly, “I have a restaurant. Robberies happen in restaurants and in the process, people die. No one will know his death was staged.”

Tony studied me for a while to see if I was serious. He then sighed, and brought his hands down on my left thigh; caressing it like it was his personal property.

“I will do what you want on one condition,” he finally spoke, “apart from the N3 million, I will have you at my beck and call, whenever and wherever I want.”

“Wow! Someone must have really had a good time to want me at his beck and call,” I faked a smile. He smiled too.

“So, deal?” he looked me squarely in the eyes.

I gave his proposal a brief thought. If that was what it would cost to get rid of Eric, so be it. I agreed and gave him the N2 million I carried in my big bag as a down payment.

Tony was happy about our deal. I knew because his face was full of smiles. Still, in the mood, Tony pulled me closer and was about to make a go for round three when someone knocked on the door impatiently. I answered it and found Nnkem fidgeting. Nnkem has a very soft heart; little things make her scared and I was wondering what little problem brought her to my door.

“What?” I asked impatiently.

“Eric is around,” She said with a shaky voice, “and he is asking for your dead body.”

“He is what?” I was terrified and angry at the same time.

“What are we going to do now?” Nnkem asked, still fidgeting.

For a brief moment, I was in deep thought. If Eric is here, then Tony and I might as well execute my plan. Wow! Eric just really made my day. Since he wanted a dead body so be it. But it wouldn’t be my body he gets.”

Quickly, I told Nnkem to stop fidgeting and bring Eric to the room. I then went back in and told Tony to get set as I explained to him that he did not need to get Eric to come over, the man was already here.

Tony quickly grabbed his short gun and began to dress while I listened at the door for approaching footsteps. As soon as I heard it, I quickly grabbed Tony’s second gun without his knowledge and ran into my wardrobe to hide. I let the wardrobe doors opened slightly, so I could get a full view of the room.

A few minutes later, the door flew open and Eric stepped inside, looking tall, ruggedly handsome and breathtaking as usual. On seeing Tony half undressed, he laughed.

“You pig!” He insulted. “I told you to kill a thief but you thought it better to screw her, huh? What foolishness. Where is she now?” He asked as he started to take his next step into the room but Tony stopped him by pointing the short gun at his forehead.

“What is the meaning of this, you idiot?” Eric insulted him again, “you screw a chick and suddenly lose your own nuts?”

“Just shut up! Shut up you pig! This is the last time you will insult me,” Tony fired at his boss.

Yes! I thought. This is my moment of victory. Shoot! shoot!! shoot!!!

Tony’s face was tense and very serious. He had the same look as when he first pointed his gun at me. The only difference in tthe scenarionow, was that Eric was a man, not a female beauty like me.

As I watched them from behind my wardrobe door, something suddenly snapped in my mind. Tony was a loser and a big liability. All he wants was to get more money from me and screw me at the same time. I could still make up with Eric, but if he died, I would lose some good money and quality time too.

Without so much as a second thought, I wrapped my hand firmly around the short gun, flung the wardrobe door open and shot Tony clean on his forehead. “Gbom!”


A Pelleura story by Karo Oforofuo

Read the entire series here

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