Susan’s Diary 1- Chapter Three

On sighting my twin sisters looking so full and peaky, the man’s eyes grew wider and he started to sweat at his temple. When I was sure that I had his full attention, I calmly but seductively told him he could have me only if he put down the gun.

At first, he was reluctant. But as I started to take off my blouse, he asked if there was room to which I replied, yes. Still, with his gun pointed at me, he asked that I lead the way. I did, without hesitation.

As I slowly but steadily headed towards the back room, I communicated with my friends using eye contact and they instantly knew what to do.

As soon as we were out of sight, I heard the hurried feet of customers rushing out of the restaurant. Who can blame them? After the drama they just watched from underneath their tables they probably decided it was best to run to safety and have some sanity.

In the next few minutes, we got to the room, stepped in and closed the door behind us. Surely I can’t tell you what went down behind closed door, but I can tell you that two rounds of vigorous romping were all it took to make him change his mind about killing me.

As soon as we finished, Gloria was outside the room with a tray of pounded yam and well-prepared melon soup. She knocked at the door and I answered. After I took the tray from her, she asked, “how’s it going?”

“Well, I’m still alive,” I replied with a wink before shutting the door and going back to bed.

At first, my new found friend was reluctant to eat. I had to convince him that the food was poison free by eating with him. After eating, we started chatting and that was how I got to know that his name was Tony; he lived somewhere in the city with his wife and 2 kids. He revealed that he only worked with Eric because he needed the money for his family’s upkeep. He did not really like his employer and from the way he talked about Eric, I could guess that the other guards did not like their employer either. It seemed Eric was not what he posed to be after all. According to Tony, heartless and cruel best describes him.

Deep into our conversation, Tony explained that when Eric discovered that his money was missing, he instantly suspected me. That said, Tony looked me straight in the eye and asked: “Did you really take it?”

“Yes,” I replied. There was just no need pretending about it to Tony. At least, he had been honest enough with me.

“Why did you take it?” He asked with anger and concern in his voice. “Eric will not stop until he either kills or maims you. He sent me here to retrieve the N6 million and eliminate you. Since I wouldn’t be doing it anymore, he will send someone else. He will not stop until it’s done.”

Well, it was indeed a terrible situation I got myself into. Eric did not have to handle things that way but since he was seriously planning my funeral, I thought I might as well plan his. I turned to Tony and proposed a deal. In exchange for N3 million out of the N6 million, he has to assassinate Eric, tonight.

To be Continued… 

A Pelleura story by Karo Oforofuo

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