Susan’s Diary 1 – The Friday Experience


Chapter One

There are three types of people in this world, winners, losers and those who are in between. As for me, I am a winner and that is because I no longer do the things I used to do.

Back in the days, I used to live a very reckless life. I loved rough vacations, parties, guys, money, funny stuff, a good trouble-making and most of all, a nice time under the sheets with a hunk.

I was the kind of girl who got whatever she wanted and no one could stop me because I didn’t take crap from anyone.

I happen to be the only child of my late parents who died in an auto crash when I was just thirteen years old. I could not care for myself then so, I had to live with my aunt, my Dad’s younger sister.

Growing up in her house was everything but fun. My aunt practically turned me into her slave and her kids did not help matters at all.

When I was 16, I couldn’t take the crap from her and her kids anymore so I ran away from the house and since then, I became my own girl, ruling my own world and calling the shots wherever I go.

Not everyone liked the way I lived my life but I did not care. I stopped trying to please people ever since I ran away from my wicked aunty nine years ago.

I am 25 years old now, and I only started trying to please people again.

I don’t mean to brag but really, my life used to be something out of a movie. I hardly had a normal day because each day happened to be an adventure. I was what you’ll call a Lagos hot chick. I dealt with big boys who lived large and in turn, they paid my bills. Aside from that, anything else was… erm….not really important.

I reside at Adeniyi Jakande close, Surulere, Lagos. The people in my area used to call me crazy L, bitch, ass hole, Laura babe, sexy and so on but, my real name is Susan Osande and I happen to be the most beautiful and most down to earth person around, and that has really kept me going. Life is not and never will be a bed of roses you know, so, I try as much as possible to bend what I can to my will.

I started keeping a diary as a means of sharing my life and adventures with you. I started right after I survived an attempt made on my life by Eric Ajagun; one of the richest and most handsome guys in my part of town. I saw him as a gentle, kind-hearted and a soft-spoken person; little did I know that he was full of lies and deceit. He was a green snake in the green grass and I nearly lost my precious life because of him.

I met Eric about six months after my 24th birthday, at a dinner party organized by one of my friends who happens to be a high-class citizen. The party was seriously full of wealthy men but that particular day, I decided that Eric would be the one I take home, especially because I knew he was the owner of Eric Technologies; a very successful computer firm.

I was still living rough and so it was not difficult to play my games. That night when Eric saw me that evening, he instantly took to me because of my curves and I to him because of his money. Ever since we met, we have had lots of wonderful moments together but one Friday morning, I decided to play a fast one on him. I did not know what the consequences of my actions would be and how it was going to change my life for good.

What happened was this. On a Thursday night, Eric invited me to attend his friend’s birthday party with him and I agreed. After a swell time on the dance floor, we both got into the mood and decided to cool off at his guest house.

The next morning, I woke up early and left his house with a whopping N6 million. Please don’t get it wrong, I am not a thief and I usually don’t steal. What made me take the money? Well, err… maybe I wanted to teach him how to be more careful with his money, not that his carelessness was any of my concern.

As I went home that morning, I wondered what Eric would do when he found out that his money was gone. I just did not know that he would go too far.

Chapter Two

The morning after my night with Eric was a busy one. I got home, did my chores and finally started to prepare for work. As I dressed, I thought about the N6 million sitting comfortably on my bed and how I came to know about its location.

While I was at the guest house, I overheard Eric on the phone with someone. From what I could gather, Eric had the N6 million kept in his wardrobe and he expected the person at the other end of the line to come to pick it up first thing the following morning.

“Wow!” I thought, “How can a man keep such a huge amount of money in his guest house and still talk about it so loudly over the phone?”

Well, the money had been picked up. By me. My lips curved into a wicked smile as I opened the briefcase to look at the money again. Eric must be raging mad with anger right now. I thought. Well, who cares? That’s his headache. Next time he will be more careful with his money. I quickly took N2 million out of the bundle and hid the rest in my secret vault; a vault that was actually not a vault and was also hidden in plain sight.

At about 9:00 a.m, I was completely dressed in a black mini skirt, a pink cotton zip-up top and black heeled shoes. I soon got behind the wheels of my red SUV and started my journey to Suzy’s Palace; my own Restaurant and Bar, located about ten blocks away from where I used to live.

I ran my restaurant with the help of my homegirls, Nnkem and Gloria. Nnkem is a fair complexioned beauty in her mid-twenties, kindhearted and shaped like a fox, while Gloria is a little on the dark side, have good curves, a kind heart and sometimes, a sharp tongue. Life would have been very tough without both of them. They are friends who have always stood by me through thick and thin. They understand me and I understand them too. We always stick up for each other and for that, we will always be best friends.

Still on the road that morning, I tried to manoeuvre traffic but it was just not possible. Getting to the restaurant would normally take 6 or 7 minutes but the hold up along the road was too bad. Anyway, that’s what happens when everyone in a neighbourhood drives a car. That was why I chose to stay there in the first place. The neighbourhood was full of wealthy, but adulterous married men, as well as wealthy adventurous single men who helped to keep the business going.

The drive to the restaurant was slow but about 15 minutes later, I pulled up at the parking lot of Suzy’s Palace, got down and walked in. The place was already busy with customers and I spotted Nnkem and Gloria attending to them. I waved to my friends even before I started heading to the counter.

As I drew closer, I noticed a man sitting in front staring seriously at me. His black suit jacket over white t-shirt and black pence trouser complimented his chocolate skin and well-trimmed beards. At first, I thought he was just an admirer, but suddenly he stood up, pulled out a short gun and pointed it at me. The sight of the gun made all my female customers scream out their lungs, while the male customers were scared out of their wits and remained transfixed for a while, before joining their female counterparts to scramble under their tables.

Nnkem and Gloria looked at me with fear and confusion written on their faces.

“Hello Suzan,” The man said in a low but firm voice, “ Mr Eric wants his money and your head.”

I was shocked and too scared to move or speak. Eric suspects me already? That was fast. But, he did not have to send his guard to kill me. This showed Eric was after all not a gentleman when it came to his money. Besides, it seemed I really angered someone this time.

As I stood still with closed eyes and sweaty palms, waiting for the bullet that will eventually take me out of embodiment, my mind was in complete turmoil. I started to wish I was more of a Christian. At least that way, if I die, I would be sure of going to heaven. I agree with those who say your entire life flashes before your eyes when death stares you in the face, because, I saw my entire life flash before me.

Suddenly, as I stood there with my heart racing, I realized for the first time that it was well over five minutes and still nothing had happened.

Being curious, I opened my eyes, only to find my supposed attacker running his eyes all over my body. Hello! Did I tell you that I went through real surgery to get my endowments? I needed to keep in good shape then so that I could easily get a guy who would not mind paying heavily to have a taste of me. The surgery made my curves be what they should be. Curved.

With my eyes now opened, I studied Eric’s man and from the look on his face, I could tell he very much liked my body. As a smart girl, I capitalized on his weakness by unzipping the front of my blouse. Fortunately for me, I wore nothing inside.

Chapter Three

On sighting my twin sisters looking so full and peaky, the man’s eyes grew wider and he started to sweat at his temple. When I was sure that I had his full attention, I calmly but seductively told him he could have me only if he put down the gun.

At first, he was reluctant. But as I started to take off my blouse, he asked if there was room to which I replied, yes. Still, with his gun pointed at me, he asked that I lead the way. I did, without hesitation.

As I slowly but steadily headed towards the back room, I communicated with my friends using eye contact and they instantly knew what to do.

As soon as we were out of sight, I heard the hurried feet of customers rushing out of the restaurant. Who can blame them? After the drama they just watched from underneath their tables they probably decided it was best to run to safety and have some sanity.

In the next few minutes, we got to the room, stepped in and closed the door behind us. Surely I can’t tell you what went down behind closed door, but I can tell you that two rounds of vigorous romping were all it took to make him change his mind about killing me.

As soon as we finished, Gloria was outside the room with a tray of pounded yam and well-prepared melon soup. She knocked at the door and I answered. After I took the tray from her, she asked, “how’s it going?”

“Well, I’m still alive,” I replied with a wink before shutting the door and going back to bed.

At first, my new found friend was reluctant to eat. I had to convince him that the food was poison free by eating with him. After eating, we started chatting and that was how I got to know that his name was Tony; he lived somewhere in the city with his wife and 2 kids. He revealed that he only worked with Eric because he needed the money for his family’s upkeep. He did not really like his employer and from the way he talked about Eric, I could guess that the other guards did not like their employer either. It seemed Eric was not what he posed to be after all. According to Tony, heartless and cruel best describes him.

Deep into our conversation, Tony explained that when Eric discovered that his money was missing, he instantly suspected me. That said, Tony looked me straight in the eye and asked: “Did you really take it?”

“Yes,” I replied. There was just no need pretending about it to Tony. At least, he had been honest enough with me.

“Why did you take it?” He asked with anger and concern in his voice. “Eric will not stop until he either kills or maims you. He sent me here to retrieve the N6 million and eliminate you. Since I wouldn’t be doing it anymore, he will send someone else. He will not stop until it’s done.”

Well, it was indeed a terrible situation I got myself into. Eric did not have to handle things that way but since he was seriously planning my funeral, I thought I might as well plan his. I turned to Tony and proposed a deal. In exchange for N3 million out of the N6 million, he has to assassinate Eric, tonight.

Chapter Four

“No way!” Tony said with a force that scared me. I quickly overcame my fears and asked him why not?

“If I dare point a gun in Eric’s direction,” he said. “I will not only have a hundred guns pointing back at me but they will point at my family too. Eric is not a man you mess with. He is dangerous.”

“But no one will know who the shooter is if you ask him to come over,” I said convincingly, “I have a restaurant. Robberies happen in restaurants and in the process, people die. No one will know his death was staged.”

Tony studied me for a while to see if I was serious. He then sighed, and brought his hands down on my left thigh; caressing it like it was his personal property.

“I will do what you want on one condition,” he finally spoke, “apart from the N3 million, I will have you at my beck and call, whenever and wherever I want.”

“Wow! Someone must have really had a good time to want me at his beck and call,” I faked a smile. He smiled too.

“So, deal?” he looked me squarely in the eyes.

I gave his proposal a brief thought. If that was what it would cost to get rid of Eric, so be it. I agreed and gave him the N2 million I carried in my big bag as a down payment.

Tony was happy about our deal. I knew because his face was full of smiles. Still, in the mood, Tony pulled me closer and was about to make a go for round three when someone knocked on the door impatiently. I answered it and found Nnkem fidgeting. Nnkem has a very soft heart; little things make her scared and I was wondering what little problem brought her to my door.

“What?” I asked impatiently.

“Eric is around,” She said with a shaky voice, “and he is asking for your dead body.”

“He is what?” I was terrified and angry at the same time.

“What are we going to do now?” Nnkem asked, still fidgeting.

For a brief moment, I was in deep thought. If Eric is here, then Tony and I might as well execute my plan. Wow! Eric just really made my day. Since he wanted a dead body so be it. But it wouldn’t be my body he gets.”

Quickly, I told Nnkem to stop fidgeting and bring Eric to the room. I then went back in and told Tony to get set as I explained to him that he did not need to get Eric to come over, the man was already here.

Tony quickly grabbed his short gun and began to dress while I listened at the door for approaching footsteps. As soon as I heard it, I quickly grabbed Tony’s second gun without his knowledge and ran into my wardrobe to hide. I let the wardrobe doors opened slightly, so I could get a full view of the room.

A few minutes later, the door flew open and Eric stepped inside, looking tall, ruggedly handsome and breathtaking as usual. On seeing Tony half undressed, he laughed.

“You pig!” He insulted. “I told you to kill a thief but you thought it better to screw her, huh? What foolishness. Where is she now?” He asked as he started to take his next step into the room but Tony stopped him by pointing the short gun at his forehead.

“What is the meaning of this, you idiot?” Eric insulted him again, “you screw a chick and suddenly lose your own nuts?”

“Just shut up! Shut up you pig! This is the last time you will insult me,” Tony fired at his boss.

Yes! I thought. This is my moment of victory. Shoot! shoot!! shoot!!!

Tony’s face was tense and very serious. He had the same look as when he first pointed his gun at me. The only difference in the scenario now, was that Eric was a man, not a female beauty like me.

As I watched them from behind my wardrobe door, something suddenly snapped in my mind. Tony was a loser and a big liability. All he wants was to get more money from me and screw me at the same time. I could still make up with Eric, but if he died, I would lose some good money and quality time too.

Without so much as a second thought, I wrapped my hand firmly around the shotgun, flung the wardrobe door open and shot Tony clean on his forehead. “Gbom!”

Chapter Five

Within seconds, Tony’s lifeless body dropped to the floor, and blood oozed out of his forehead.

“Are you crazy? What do you think you just did?” Eric shouted as he recovered from the shock.

I looked at him and scoffed. “Hello! I expected to hear, are you okay darling? I’m touched you just did that for me!”

“Why should I when I suspect it’s you who told him to kill me?” he accused.

“Well, you sent him to kill me first after accusing me of stealing money that I know nothing about,” I replied.

Eric folded his hands across his chest, “If you did not steal my money, who did?”

What a question. I thought, as I quickly racked my brain for what to say. Just then, my eyes fell on the black nylon bag lying next to Tony’s lifeless body. Inwardly I smiled because I knew exactly what was inside. It was the bag containing the N2 million down payment I gave to Tony earlier must have dropped when he stood up to wear his clothes. Anyway, dead men don’t talk so, I slowly pointed at the black nylon bag and said: “He stole it.”

“Not possible,” Eric jumped to Tony’s defence.

“Why else do you think he didn’t kill me?” I asked, quickly jumping to my defence. “Your man knew that I am innocent.”

Eric studied me for a moment before reaching for the bag and counting the money.

“This is only N2 million.” He said.

“Probably that’s because he has spent the rest,” I answered.

Eric frowned at me. “I see this as you set up a dead man.”

“How can…….” I got interrupted as Nnkem rushed in through the open door. She screamed when she saw Tony’s dead body, but she quickly overcame the shock and told us that some police patrol men who claimed to have heard a gunshot from the restaurant, are now searching the place.

Eric and I, we stared at each other and instantly knew what must be done. Eric told Nnkem to allow the patrol men check the building without obstruction. After she left, Eric and I moved Tony’s heavy body into my wardrobe and covered it with piles of dirty clothes. At that moment, I was glad that the laundry guy had not come to work. How else would we have had so many dirty clothes to use?

After we had successfully hidden the body, I placed a foot mat on the spot where Tony’s body laid some few minutes ago so as to cover the part that was already soaked with blood.

Since I was still tying the bed sheet around my body, I simply lay down on the bed. Eric got the cue, took off his shirt and joined me.

As we lay there with our hearts panting, we finally heard them coming. Their boots made quite some noise and they made no efforts to lower their voices either. As they got close enough, I pulled myself towards Eric and we started kissing only to pull back again, pretending to be shocked as the door flew open.

For a brief moment, the police patrolman who pushed the door open sized me up before turning to Eric. Gradually, his stern lips curved into a wide mischievous grin as he recognized him.

“Ah! My Oga!” He greeted. The Policeman then apologized for disturbing. In turn, Eric handed him a few notes and told him not to worry as he was only doing his job.

After they left, we heaved a sigh of relief. Eric put on his shirt, grabbed the bag containing the N2 million and headed for the door.

“Heading to?” I asked with my hands up in the air.

“My guest house. Where else would I go?”

“But Eric we are not done yet. That body cannot remain in my wardrobe and most importantly, you have to believe me when I say I did not steal your money. We have known each other for 6 months, why would I do such a thing to you now?”

Eric stared at me briefly before speaking. “Answer just one question for me.”

“What?” I asked.

“Did you screw Tony?”


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