The Best New Year Gift You’ll Ever Give Your Child.


After my little nephew reached four months old, my sister-in-law read books to him or played video books for him. He couldn’t talk then, but he eagerly followed each video book, as well as listened attentively to his mother’s reading, while his eyes focused on the picture books she read from, with beautiful images.

We felt since he couldn’t speak yet, the video and storytelling were just for fun. But of course, his mother didn’t stop. She continued, and even went ahead to buy other books, including some children’s prayer books.

Fast forward to three years later, now going to four, my nephew is one of the most intelligent kids I’ve ever known. He knows how to bless his food before he eats. He knows how to pray during devotion. He can recite his Sunday school memory verses accurately. It helps that he has a picture in his head of some of the scenes in these verses; all thanks to his picture bible story books.

Dear parents, if you want to really teach your child(ren) the Bible, or moral lessons through Bible stories, if you want to teach your child to pray, or you want to teach him/her the meaning of forgiveness, then Emem Essienenkak’s Praying To A Loving God, and Obedience is The Right Thing To Do, is just the book you need.


Teaching children how to pray is very important in helping them establish a relationship with God. PRAYING TO A LOVING GOD teaches children the subject of Prayer in a way they can understand. It is written to attract and retain the interest of young readers. The colourful illustrations and fun activities add more enjoyment to the reading process.


Obedience is an essential lesson for children. Laying this proper foundation has long-term rewards throughout one’s life. Obedience is The Right Thing To Do, teaches children obedience to God, Parents and constituted authority. Blind obedience to those in authority, requiring children to do the wrong thing, is discouraged.

You can get these books for your kids, by visiting

This may be the best New Year gift you’ll ever give your child.

So, how old is your child?

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