The Writer’s Tool Box Sets Your Creative Writing Energy to Flow Naturally.


The left side of the brain deals with mathematics, logic and analysis, as well as science. The right side of the brain performs assignments that have to do with imagination and expressions of the human experience. In other words, the left side of the brain understands and performs assignments that have to do with arts, writing, acting, drawing, painting, etc. And that is where the Writer’s Tool Box comes in.

Structured by the experimental writing educator, Jamie Cat Callan, the Writer’s Tool Box houses a 64-page booklet loaded up with fun, creativity and engaging activities that place emphasis on the “right-cerebrum,” and improves one’s flow of creativity.

That’s not all. The box also contains Sixty exercise sticks, First Sentences for your creative work, Non-Sequiturs for humour or comedic passes, Last Straw Will, 60 cards to fuel imaginative portrayals, and four spinner palettes to help create and develop startling plot twists. All these put together, help to get stories off the ground and running.

It is one hundred percent true to say that the activities created by using the Writer’s Tool Box appear as an amusement until you look at your work and realize you’ve composed a story that matches the standard for any writing challenge!

The Writer’s Tool Box sets up your creative writing energy to flow naturally. It heals writer’s block and keeps it away from your creative juices. I must say though that some of the prompts may lead you to write the most bizarre but exciting story you’ll ever read.

So what is the aim if the Tool Box? The principal aim of the Writer’s Tool Box is to simply help you push away procrastination, dull moments and just compose. It doesn’t make a difference what you’re composing. Simply compose and keep composing.

You can describe it as an author’s tool stash from which one can draw any blend of story starters. This little pack has every one of the instruments you need to kick understudies off in experimental writing.

I must add here that, in as much as this toolbox is loaded with a fun and engaging way to write your book, you have to apply discipline. Why? It is because discipline achieves promising outcomes and the creative stash offers a lot of inspiration for starting stages, which is ordinarily the hardest part for some authors.

So as a writer, ask yourself what you’ll gain with a box that contains turning wheels that give you heroes and terrors, obstructions, objectives, activity and intuition cards. It also has a spellbinding guidance manual.

I have to warn though, that as good as this toolbox is, it isn’t meant for kids or even teenagers, as some of the writing prompts are about sex and cheating in relationships. Of course, you don’t want to teach your child that.

However, if you notice your child loves writing and you want to help boost his/her writing skills, there are Creative Writing Toolboxes for kids and teenagers too.

Are you a writer, or want to be a writer? What exactly has been your biggest challenge in the writing process? Please drop your answers below let’s discuss.

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