These Three Ladies Depict What We Experience in Other Aspects of Our Lives


Before I touch on the three ladies, I want to apologise again for my long absence. I’ve had lots of client jobs to attend to, and that’s basically why I’ve been silent on this blog. Nothing more. But I plan to bounce back soon.

As one who is still building my business, I have come across different kinds of people when it comes to getting hands to assist me. It is through my experience I know that a lot of people out there who claim to be writers, especially those just starting out as freelance/ghostwriters, are terribly lazy, not ready to learn and so cannot improve on their writing, or work to meet a client’s satisfaction.

But of course, there are also those who do everything in their power to deliver. These set are the ones that will go far as freelance/ghostwriters.

I’ll give example with three ladies, out of a lot of others, that I have brought in to assist me with client jobs these past months.

Lady A can write. But her writing focuses on the not so import things in a story and gives it almost plain to me as written in the outline. Nothing extra to spice it up. That aside, there’s a lot of punctuation problem.

When I go through, I edit and sometimes have to do a total re-write for the client.

While I edit, I point out her errors and expect she’ll pick up and do a better job with subsequent chapters. But she still seems to deliver the same kind of writing to me.

So for all ten chapters, I did a thorough editing or a total re-write. I actually brought her in to help, so as to reduce my workload. But I ended up getting tied up in the work. This is because even though corrections are pointed out, she mostly didn’t take it, hence it reflected in her write-ups.

She started at a score rate of 6/20, and finished the work with me after almost 5 weeks of corrections, at 7/20.

Lady B can write for Africa. Her sentences are complex. Her punctuations for those sentences are out of this world. But she started ahead of Lady A with 8/20 because she has a solid idea of writing a captivating story. She wouldn’t give you back a story the way you outlined it. She’d spice it up to keep a reader hooked despite her punctuation problems and complex sentences; something I once struggled with too.

However, after just 2 weeks and a half of drilling and pointing out corrections, she moved from a score rate of 7/20 to 15/20. And all through the period, I knew the heat she was taking was enough to make her run off and forget the job. Quitting is always easier after all.

But she stayed, took on every correction and improved greatly. For every improvement I saw, I was overwhelmed with joy; already telling myself, this person will handle some of my major works.

What thrilled me more is the way she took the heat. Though at some point she was getting frustrated. But she pushed through. She’s a lady in whom I’m very well pleased. I’m working to bring her in fully, on Pelleura.

Lady C writes very well. That is, you find you only need to make little or no corrections on her work. She’s even among those who participate in flash fiction contests online. She hasn’t won any, but she has always made it to the finals or semi-finals in these contests. So yeah, she’s good.

However, she’s more willing to put in the work for her personal write-up than a client’s. Also, she demands data subscription before writing can commence. Not like she didn’t have her own data. She did. She’d always come online. But wouldn’t deliver until she gets data.

The data subscription issue aside, when you point out her corrections, she wouldn’t take it because, well she’s good. That’s her thinking.

I did about two corrections with her and that was it. She quit. She doesn’t understand that as long as she wants to make money off her talent as a ghostwriter, she’s going to have to put in the efforts. She doesn’t know that if client’s ask for revisions to certain parts in the write-up, she has to do it. She doesn’t understand that writing what she likes or what she thinks a client likes, is totally different from writing exactly what the client wants.

This is where a lot of newbie freelance writers miss it. No one hates you. We only want you to understand exactly what the client wants so you can give it to him/her.

These three ladies depict what we experience in other aspects of our lives. Sometimes, we learn and push through. Other times, we relax and let things happen to us. Or we just quit completely while hoping for a miracle.

I’m writing this post to encourage you to not relax or quit whatever it is you’re doing, as long as it’s something you’ve always wanted to do. Push for it. Nothing good comes easy. But when it comes, it stays. No one will be able to take away good writing from Lady B. If anything at all, she’d even do better.

I remember during one of our early chats before this particular client job came up, she wrote that she loves writing, and wants to make it a full-time business. I believe it is one of the reasons she learnt very, very fast.

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