They Said I Was Foolish For Quitting My Teaching Job.


I took the daring step of quitting my teaching job, just to start and grow my blog business in December 2012. I was almost regretting before the end of 2013. And I am too stubborn when it comes to quitting. Lol.

I actually had the option of returning to the school or get another teaching job elsewhere. But I refused to do any of those. Instead, to hold body and soul together, I decided to take on Ghostwriting jobs on, nairaland literature section and taking on home lessons. I also sold few copies of my ebooks.

While doing the above, I wrote steadily on my blog, building my audience. But I never really made much from it until I did a thorough research. My hands on experience with OkadaBooks also went  a long way in brushing me up

Looking back now, the road was not easy. I really wonder how I made it through. And I’m really glad I took the bull by the horn.

Does this mean you should quit your job? Hell no! If you don’t have the heart for lack of finances, don’t dare it. Instead, build your business by the side while working on your job. If you already quit, well, it shouldn’t take you years to start earning from your blogging, or any other online business you’ve involved it, as long as you research. Just ask Google. The internet has loads of awesome materials you can go through to learn the ropes quickly.

Below are some basic things I did that has seen me through:

1. Set Your Goals, but Don’t Share them; I am of the notion that once you set your goals, you keep it to yourself and work towards actualizing it. My goal was to start and grow my blogging business. Unfortunately, more than half the people I told about this, wondered what level of stupidity was worrying me. As, in, this babe don dey craz or what?

It hurt even more when some of my siblings thought I was just out to waste my time. My ex-said I left my paying job to seek attention online. To him, blogging means seeking attention. Gross. Yes, blogging is about getting attention and then selling it to someone in form of an advert, or sell your products to it. Getting the attention is one thing. What you do with it is another thing entirely. And this is the difference between a blogger making money (even a few thousands), and the one not making money (zero naira).

So yes, draw up your goals. But mostly keep them to yourself. A popular quote that has been circulating online says, “The three things to keep quiet about is, your plan, and relationships, and your next move”

2. Find Out More About That Area Of Interest: I really didn’t know what I was doing when I started blogging. It wasn’t until I made research. So please, don’t just jump into whatever business you have in mind. MAKE A DEEP RESEARCH  ABOUT IT FIRST. It will save you a lot of headaches and stress.

3. Take Risks; The major risk I had to take was quitting my job. Trust me I got many nasty comments from friends and neighbors about me being ‘foolish’ for quitting my teaching job. As in, they made it their business. As one who was using my salary to support my family, they were not happy about the decision because it meant, we will be short on finances.

Today, I am happy I took that risk. Your own risk can be anything. If you feel there’s something holding you back from doing what you love the most, please take a risk by severing that person, condition or place from your affairs, so you can take steps towards your goal.

4. Make consultations; For whatever business that interests you, please make consultations; both free and paid. Lack of consultation and research was the reason ‘Karo’s Story Blog’ failed. If I had paid for consultations in order to learn from people who were already ahead of me, I would have started with a better foundation. The worst mistake a businessman/woman can make is to think he/she doesn’t need guidance.

5. Brace up for failures, and don’t stop trying; as a result of my lack of experience, Karo’s Story Blog failed. I didn’t really make much out of that blog, just a few 10, sometimes 20 thousand, and these were made from people who contacted me for ghostwriting jobs. I could have given up, or gone out to find a great, well-paying job. But didn’t relent in my efforts.

Truth is, these failures, as annoying as they are, still do a marvelous job at making us learn lessons we never forget. It can kill your morale at some point. But you need to be strong, re-strategize and launch out again.

6. Do Not Over Research: From my experience using online blog contents in my research, I have come to understand that when you research too much or read too many materials advising you on business, you may end up confused, or you may experience information overload that will weaken you, or drain you up, you become too confused or too weak implement what you’ve learned.

7. Be ready to spend money, no matter how small. You need to invest in your business if you want to see progress and growth.

So that’s it, everyone. Are you trying to start an online blog business? Or you’ve already started and just need basic support? Please feel free to contact me via email: Or Whatsapp only: (+234) 08181317681, and I will be happy to get back to you.


PS: What’s Your Own Business Story like? Please share with us in the comments below

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