Three Major Ways To Stay Fit Outside The Gym

 What if I tell you that you can stay fit outside the gym? Fitness of the body comes in many forms, and one doesn’t have to visit the gym to stay fit because apart from being expensive, it is time-consuming.

Adults require at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week to stay fit outside the gym. If you want to stay fit and avoid exercise, the best thing to do is to be more active in your daily routine. For example, incorporate more active hobbies that will get your body moving. Staying fit also requires eating healthy and sleeping well, consume lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and a little bit of protein.  


1. Walking

Walking is a suitable activity to start your fitness journey. 

To do this;

  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator. This activity can help you stay fit outside the gym without you having to fix a specific time for it. 
  • Take the longest route when walking. 
  • Walk short distances instead of driving. 
  •  Avoid sitting for longer than 30 minutes at a time.
  • Decrease your overall sitting time. If you do a job that keeps you sitting for a long time, always try to take a walk after work. 


2. Choosing Activities/ Hobbies That Get You Moving

  • Take walks around different parts of your street. 
  • Play active video games for fun. Playing video games can get you moving and having fun at the same time. 
  • Tackle household chores by yourself. If you are the type to put off household chores or ask someone to do them for you, try taking time to do some of them yourself. Your body and house will be grateful. 
  • Dance. Play your best music and dance to the beat.
  • Get involved in gardening, even if it is a small one. It gets you out under the son and moving a lot.


3. Eating a Healthy Diet

Stay Fit Outside The Gym

  • Choose a colorful diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Eating this can help you get the nutrient you need to be fit. 
  • Choose healthy sources of carbohydrates and protein. Avoid eating too many starchy foods, take carbohydrates like yam, sweet potatoes and oats with high nutrients and also enjoy low-fat protein like chicken breast, fish, nuts, avocados, and beans can give your body the healthy nutrients it needs to stay fit
  • Avoid sugar and processed foods
  • Eat smaller meals with healthy snacks during the day
  • Always check your caloric intake. If you want to stay fit outside the gym, you should be burning calories not taking them in.
  • Avoid eating to much fries and fatty foods. 
  • Reduce your sugar intak
  • Eat more fruits.


Are there other ways you keep fit outside of the gym, please share with us.


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