Top 5 Waterproof Notepads For Writers – Pros and Cons

Waterproof Notepad


If you’ve never heard of the waterproof notepad, you’ve been missing out on the best news in the writing world. The water resistant notepad allows you pen down your thoughts in the shower, under the rain and even in the pool. Best of all is, it is really affordable.

If you love to travel a lot; go for vacation or sight-seeing, if you’re a student or worker, this pad is a must have item that should follow you everywhere you go. See why, below:

1) It allows you capture some of the best moments: If you ever need anything to capture those sweet moments in the pool or somewhere under the rain, the right thing to use is the waterproof notepad. Those happenings around you that you might find inspirational as a writer, can easily be pen down using this tool. You don’t need to wrack your brain later on to remember the details of the scenario.

2) Compact size: The waterproof notepad doesn’t look like a desktop computer that you can’t carry around. It is portable and easy to carry about in your bag, your pocket, or even in your hands.

3) High quality waterproof notes and pencil: With this feature, you easily organize note in your own style and manner. It doesn’t easily tear so you don’t have to be scared that it might tear. You can leave it in the water for hours and still meet it just the way you left it.

4) The notebooks are made of environmental friendly materials

5) It is great for shower thoughts: I thought I was the only one that come up with great ideas in the shower until I started to hear other people talk talk about their shower experiences. So, this is really great for when those ideas start to come to you in the shower and you know you’re likely to forget most of them if not penned down.

6) Some Waterproof Notepads come with thier own water pencil.

7) The markings remain clear on the notepad, and don’t wash off if submerged in water.

8) You can erase mistakes from the waterproof pad

9) You can use it in the swimming pool or under rain.

The Top 5 Waterproof Notepads For Writers

5. Cosmos Green Waterproof Set

Waterproof Notepad This set of Waterproof Notepads comes in five handy notebooks. The size is 3 inches by 5 inches. The sheets are 50 per notepad with a hybrid lined and dotted grid pattern. This means that you can write in a straight line or get geometrical. The paper itself is yellow, and it is cheap. However, the quality is not as durable as other comparable items.


4. Aqua Notes

Waterproof Notepad Aqua NotePad is one of the best qualities of this product. It comes with a water pencil and it’s suction cup. The quality in water-resistant is superb. The perforated sheets tear off the pad easily, compared to some other products that are quite hard to tear off. However, if the suction cups could be stronger, then it would be the best product among the others.


3. The Indestructible Field Notebook

Waterproof Notepad

This particular Waterproof Notepad is one of the best in terms of quality. It is also Tearproof, Weatherproof and indestructible. It can stand the abuse of any kind. It comes in a pack of four and as lined papers for clear writing.


2. Rite in the Rain Spiral-Side

Waterproof Notepad This notepad lives up to its name; Rite in the Rain All-Weather. It has a full 8.5 by 11 inches of writing space and 42 sheets with a total of 84 writable sides. The cover is flexible and the paper is white with light blue lines.


1. Rite in the Rain Tactical Notebooks

Waterproof Notepad This Waterproof Notebooks are a perfect fit for your pocket. And the sheets can be recycled. The spiral binding doesn’t pull off easily.


5 Major Cons of the Waterproof Notepad

Just as we have the pros of this wonderful item, we also have the cons. And they are;

1) The Waterproof Notepad could run out before the Water Pencil, or vice versa.

2) The suction cup for hanging the waterproof notepad and water pencil might not stick to the wall, depending on the kind of tiles you have in your bathroom.

3) If the suction cup doesn’t stick, it will fall off the wall and in most cases, the water pencil breaks in the process.

4) You can erase mistakes from it. But if the erased sheet is placed against a point of light, the markings from previously erased writing would still show.

5) For some notepads, you cannot easily tear off the sheet; not even from the punctured holes. It could break.

6) Sometimes, heat from a steamy bath in the bathroom could course the water pencil to break

7) Not all waterproof notepads comes with water pencil.

So, over to you. What do you think about these Waterproof Notepads?
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