Untainted – A Blend of Education, Entertainment and Romance

Winnie Kanu, as she prefers to be called, is a woman who strongly believes that romance stories should not only be about falling in love and having sex, but about teaching morals and helping to correct certain wrong ideas spread among social groups.

And what about the kids? How do we guide them to making awesome decisions when it comes to matters of the heart?

Winnie Kanu Mbamalu shows us in her story – Untainted.

Erakhoba is the lead character, a well respected lawyer with a combination of beauty and brains. She is the daughter of Chief Mrs. Veronica Nmaeyen of Oron, a famous political heavyweight.

While her beauty makes men drool, her brain makes her a lawyer with a reputation for winning cases brought before her, a very faithful lover, a smart and very resourceful single parent.

Earlier in the story, it is told, she fell in love with Omar Farooq. The love affair is faced with lots of obstacles, especially from friends and family. As the daughter of a well known politician, no one expected Erakhoba to fall below social status when it comes to choosing a life partner.

But against all odds, the duo stood. But then, circumstances pulled Omar far away to Germany, to tend to his sick father. Little did he know it would cost him marrying an Octogenarian German lady.

The thin thread saving his relationship with Erhakoba back home, is the son he left behind. Ohii, who even at the age of fifteen, hadn’t set eyes on his father.

However, Erakhoba lived with the hope that, one day, Omar would return home.

Ohii, is the only son of Erakhoba. Fifteen. Tall and handsome. The exact replica of his father. Omar.

He loves his mother to the heavens and back. He’d gladly fight anyone who dared to make her sad, let alone cry.

Ohii is not only a handsome youngman. He is also the best student in his class. A very loyal friend, a young lad with sharp intellectual qualities. Thanks to his mother who keeps a close relationship and encourages open communication between them.

However, there’s an issue. He’s in love with a classmate of his, Ochuko, who has been diagnosed with HIV.

His mother is well aware of the girl and her predicament, as Ohii cannot stop thinking or talking about her. However, every effort to get her son to forget about the girl, proves abortive.

There are other side characters in Winnie Kanu Mbamalu’s Untainted, giving the story extra colours.

There’s Stanley, Ohii’s classmate and close friend who is coaxed into a relationship with a way older lady, Yvonne, showing us that not only the girl child faces sexual assault. Boys are vulnerable too. More vulnerable in fact, because we focus more on the girls.

Then we have Ohii’s girlfriend – Ochuko, Omar Farooq – Ohii’s father, and Chief Mrs, Erakhoba’s famous mother.

The Author, Winnie Kanu Mbamalu, surely used this story to teach morals, as well as to show how better our lives can be if we place it completely in God’s hand.

However, due to dangers lurking at the corners of youthful exhorbitance, she tries to be over protective of her only son.

Save for some unexpected cut-offs and starts at new chapters that didn’t link well, as well as some omitted scenes that could have helped shape the story better, I’d say this book is good enough to keep you company during your spare time.

If you like a quick read with a normal, nothing out of the ordinary, tempo, then Untainted is for you.

You can get a copy of it here

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