Valentine Books For a Wonderful Valentine Experience


Today is 14th! Happy Valentine’s day to you! Hope you’re having a swell time. If you aren’t outside with your loved ones then you should be catching all the fun indoors. And as you know,  at Pelleura, always give you the best fun in stories, because we have your best interest at heart.

I therefore present to you, our Valentine Story. Trapped by Kisses. This book is a short story for the season. It’s something you can finish in an hour or two. And guess what? It is totally Valentine!


Below is a synopsis of the book.

Simileoulwa is a nurse who works in a psychiatric hospital. Her life is characterized by three things; loneliness, a stalker boyfriend; Efe, who wouldn’t leave her alone, and her patient at the hospital where she works as a nurse.

She soon discovers she is falling in love with the patient, Jordan Adekanmi, who happens to also have amnesia. The attraction between them is like a powerful magnetic force. But she doesn’t know if it would be right to give in to her feelings; especially as his background places him above her league.

But Efe starts sending her creepy messages with threatens to drag her to the altar on Valentine ’s Day. She is scared of what Efe might possibly do to her and tells Jordan about it. Jordan was able to convince her that he was in love with her and he asks her to help him escape from the hospital.

Now Simi isn’t sure if he truly loves her, or if he is using her as a means to an end. What happens if her stalker boyfriend gets to find out about Jordan? And what happens If she helps him escape?

You should find out for yourself. I promise you’ll love it.

Go here to get Trapped By Kisses. It only costs N200. Other payment options would be made available soon.

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I wish you a love filled Valentine with kisses and caresses, today, and every other day of your Life.



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