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Today is 14th! Happy Valentine’s day to you! Hope you’re having a swell time. If you aren’t outside with your loved ones then you should be catching all the fun indoors. And as you know,  at Pelleura, always give you the best fun in stories, because we have your best interest at heart.

I therefore present to you, our Valentine Story. Trapped by Kisses. This book is a short story for the season. It’s something you can finish in an hour or two. And guess what? It is totally Valentine!


Have You Read About Nurse Buchi?

Buchi is a fair skinned beauty. 4 ft 9 inch. She is stylish and has a proper figure 8. Well, she also has a rude attitude, and she is very much interested in Jordan Adekanmi.


Jordan is rich. No. Wait. JORDAN is stinking rich. And he is handsome.

Buchi wouldn’t mind sharing his hospital bed with him. Lol.

Nope! This picture is not her in real life. But I prefer to use this image to depict Buchi’s character in – Trapped By Kisses.

See an excerpt of her in action below.

She would have been a model if she wasn’t 4 ft 9 inch. She wears the nurse’s uniform with style. The trouser clung to her like a second skin and accentuated her backside; giving it a slight push up.

Buchi was indeed a beauty to behold when she wasn’t exhibiting that salty attitude of hers. Sometimes I silently wished that I was as pretty as she was, because being pretty and having a nice feminine curve was a top-notch quality that men these days appeal for.

“What did you give Mr Adekanmi?”

I could tell she was angry from the way she spoke. It seemed like she was forcing herself to be civil.

“What do you mean?”

“Abeg stop playing the innocent card jor. After giving the man good sex he probably can’t stop thinking about you,” she rolled her eyes and walked off to her desk. I was stunned by her rudeness.

“Buchi! Everyone cannot be like you,” I added slyly.

I wasn’t a great fighter but I always had A-plus when it comes to dishing out comebacks.

“What do you mean, Simi? See Ehn just mind your mouth. Mind your fucking mouth or else I will report you to the general manager.”

“You started it,” I pointed out, “and besides, I don’t have time for brawls.”

“Whatever! He is asking for you sha. He wouldn’t let me attend to him.”

Somehow, I had been expecting this because it had been the regular occurrence for a while now. And I was beginning to get sick of his childish antics. I tucked my phone away in my pocket and walked out of the station, but not before I heard Buchi whisper.



Story Title: Trapped By Kisses

Author: Funmi Akintade

Genre: Romance

Synopsis: She’s a lady with a lonely life and a stalker boyfriend, who finds love in the least person ever. Her psychiatric patient. And this patient has enough secrets to scare her away. Will their love blossom or fall apart? Would she agree to sneak him out of the hospital on Valentine’s day?

You can get this story for only N200 on OkadaBooks. Other payment options would be made available later on.

Go here to get Trapped By Kisses.

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I wish you a love filled Valentine with kisses and caresses, today, and every other day of your Life.



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