Why I’m I Re-Posting Deba’s Story?

Happy new month everyone. Even as the month progresses, I pray we all achieve our goals for the month. And may we remain in health and joy.

Through last two weeks of May, I had my body and heart pinching the hell out of me. There were times I went through work with guilt. Why? Because I have been absent here for too long. Almost two weeks now I think. That is such a long time.

But I still found little time to work on two out of several things for you. Yes, there’s a lot lined up, as regards books and stories. But what are these two things I have ready for you?

1. The complete re-post of Deba Ezodo. Why I’m I re-posting Deba’s story? I was about to take down my old blog when I realized, from my search, that Deba Ezodo story has been published by others without credit to me as the original writer. Taking down the old blog means taking down proof of my ownership and the fact that the story was first originally published on my old blog.

My second reason is that there are those who are new to this blog and know nothing about the old blog. They haven’t read the story before. Besides, going through it again, I found the story to be really interesting. So I’m sure you will love to read it again.

I will post 2 chapters a day, so we can quickly clear it out and move to the new story I have for you. I’m done with finishing touches and will be revealing it to you soon.

That said, I’ll start the posting of Deba Ezodo today. It is the story of an ancient African Princess who finds herself and her family thrown into chaos, deceit, romance, love, and a war they never thought in their wildest dreams, they will fight.


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