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I came across Flutterwave (Africa’s Newest Payment Platform) I was preparing to launch my Digital Marketing Course. Before then, I was troubled by the fact that I had only the Naira payment option with Paystack and even PayU had rules as regards recieving payments in dollars. So when I came across Flutterwave (Africa’s Newest Payment Platform), I was not so sure if the platform would give me what I wanted.

But I went ahead to create my account anyway and I have not regretted it since then. 


Flutterwave is a payment platform that aims to transform payments in Africa. It provides an easy and reliable solution for individuals and businesses who do business with the local amd international communities.

As a business, you can sell in any currency to any market, local or international, as long as you’re legit.

While they allow subscription plans and single payment links, they also have a shop section where people can upload their products for sale. 

The most beautiful and recent addition to this platform is the provision of a US bank account number with which individuals can sell and receive payment on Amazon and eBay. This payment can then be processed into your local bank account.

I’m not really sure yet how many other international platforms we can use this on because the new feature is still in the beta stage and I have applied to be one of those who will try it out. If I am accepted, I’ll definitely write about my experience.

This new development is great for writers, authors, and bloggers especially. Before now, we needed Payoneer to receive funds from foreign online marketplaces. And if you don’t have your Payoneer card, you’ll need to find exchangers who will buy your Payoneer funds and credit you in naira, the equivalent of their exchange rate. 

But with Flutterwave (Africa’s Newest Payment Platform), I see that they’re trying to create a process that makes it easy to receive funds from Amazon and have it processed directly to your bank account. I do not yet know at what exchange rate this will be done. 

Now you may ask your self the following questions

1. Is Flutterwave Safe?

Yes, it is secure. Without an international security standard, they won’t get permission and other necessary documents to help Nigerians own a US bank account and receive payments via giant platforms like Amazon.

2. Is Flutterwave Free?

It is stylishly free but not free. Flutterwave takes only 1.4% processing fee for local transactions and 3.8% processing fee for international transactions. But opening an account is free.

However, if you don’t make any sales, they don’t take anything.

Right from when I created my account, I’ve received the following types of emails from Flutterwave (Africa’s Newest Payment Platform).

1. Emails asking if all is well in my business: They try to find out how they can help you sell better.

2, Emails of blog posts on how to boost my sales online.

3. Email announcements of their free webinars where they teach businesses how to sell more online 

4. Emails of other user’s experience and how they sold so much of their products/services.

5. Email follow up of an enquiry. When you need an issue to be resolved, the customer care at Flutterwave will not relent until that issue has been solved for you. Their customer service is really great.

So if you’re into selling ebooks, writing services, or products on Amazon or on your own platform and you’ll love to sell to the international community too, you should consider opening an account with Flutterwave. It only takes 3 or 4 minutes. 

The dashboard is very easy to understand and there are a number of things you can achieve with Flutterwave (Africa’s Newest Payment Platform).

1. You can create your subscription payment plans if you have a course or coaching program or an app people are supposed to subscribe to monthly.

2. You can create a single payment link, like the one below. And you decide to receive payment in any currency of your choice.


3. You can have Flutterwave payments integrated with your platform, thereby making it possible for people to pay for your product/service right on your platform, instead of being redirected to Flutterwave first.

The only issue I have with this is that the process is not so simple for non-developers. Paystack has a simpler process and integration was smooth for me even as a newbie. I hope the team at Flutterwave (Africa’s Newest Payment Platform) will work to further simplify the process.

4. You can create an online store right from your dashboard and collect payments in any currency.

There are a lot more you can do on Flutterwave (Africa’s Newest Payment Platform). Just create an account and see all the possibilities you have at your disposal. It is actually a breathe of fresh air to Nigerian online businesses.



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