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From now until 31st October, join in the #LAPEnchanted Scavenger Hunt and solve the crossword puzzle for your chance to win 2x $25 or ₦10,000 cash prize.

Click link to find mystery word on the crossword puzzle.

And here’s your crossword task: Crossword puzzle – 4 Across: a water spirit venerated in Africa.  Answer: ________

Read a snippet of the #Halloween story—DREAM SEDUCTOR, featured in the Enchanted: Volume TWO anthology— to find the mystery word.

The lights were out. Ajiri stood beside her bed and occasionally allowed her eyes to dart to her body lying peacefully on it. Nights had been like this for her since she’d assumed human form about a year ago.

On so many occasions, she had been conscious of leaving her body to rest while her spirit self worked on major tasks she couldn’t complete before her body got tired and chose to retire for the night.  But it wasn’t only work. Some nights, she went downstairs to watch TV while her body slept.

One rule, however, was to not leave the house while her body lay asleep. Unprotected. Leaving her body unprotected would give those who wanted her dead the opportunity they needed to do her harm.

The months that had followed her advent into the human world had been filled with things she’d never really thought to care about before. An example? The two supposedly dead men standing in the opposite direction of her bed, eyeing her sleeping body intently.

Not the first time she was encountering their likes. And they wanted nothing else but to kill her. On whose orders? She didn’t know, nor did she understand what business she had with ghosts or entities, who mostly came to attack her in the dream.

“I just want to know why you’re after me. Who is sending you?” she asked the men.

“Our orders were straight to the point. Kill you. We were not told to explain anything to anybody.” One of them sneered at her.

Ajiri wasn’t fazed. The previous night, she had fought off three of their kinds. And although it hadn’t been an easy battle, she was sure she could ward them off.

“The dead have no business with the living, you know,” she said.

“And a mermaid has no place on land,” the other ghost said. “Even if you succeed in warding us both, more and more of our kind will come.”

“We are dead already. We can’t be killed again,” the taller one amongst the men spoke.

“We will only let you live, sweetheart, if you accept our offer.”

“To be a mistress for your mad leader? No. I’m not interested in any man. Let alone a dead one.”

“Then you leave us no choice.”

“My father used to say something about grasshoppers not having the time to say goodbye when there’s fire,” a voice said from the window.

Ajiri turned to see the blue-skinned stranger who had wreaked havoc in her body every night and dominated her thoughts throughout her days. Blue fireballs burned on both his palms.

“Which of you would love to go first?” he asked.

He didn’t wait for a response before throwing the balls at the entities. One of them dropped and writhed in pain. The other dodged and took off in the opposite direction, running through the wall of the room.

“Take care of this one, sweetheart.” The blue man winked at her before running through the wall in hot pursuit of the second man.


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Visit other participating authors to discover other mystery words. Karo Oforofuo, Fiske S Nyirongo, Michele Sims, Bamboo Deen, Kiru Taye, Emem Bassey and Lauri Kubuitsile

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From now until 31st October, join in the Love African Press #LAPEnchanted Scavenger Hunt and solve crossword puzzle for your chance to win 2x $25 or ₦10000 cash prize.

Be enchanted. These handpicked tales of African deities and demons, shamans and shape-shifters will keep you spellbound page after page.

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FOR A LIMITED TIME: Get a FREE book when you buy a copy of Enchanted: Volume Two (Free ebook Homecoming by Kiru Taye, Author) Email with copy of receipt.

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