As a Writer in Business, How Many Hours of Work do You Need to Put in?

Writer in Business

As a writer in business, one must constantly look out for opportunities to expand revenue, because the truth is, if your business is not making any money, it would not survive.

It is for this reason I recently joined an online business group on Facebook. The group contains mostly foreigners, looking for businesses to start from home, and make money off it.

I joined with the mind of offering freelance writing to some of the people in the group.  But after going through more than half of the business opportunities posted on the group daily, I knew more than half of them were scam.

Some genuine members posted on the group, asking for genuine businesses, not the scam posted all over the place, as some of them had fallen victim to scammers.

How do I know these businesses are scams? I know because a lot of them state that you only need to work for 2 hours a day, and make $$$$$$$$$$.

Having been on the online space since 2013, and then being a core member of the Okadabooks team, I can boldly say there’s no online business that doesn’t need prolonged hours of in-depth work for it to survive and increase revenue.

In fact, the online business is more demanding than offline, because you need to keep up with the internet. And the internet is always moving.

This applies to freelance writers; whether you’re in the business part-time or full-time,  if you really want to make it as a writer,  you need to put in the work required to take you to where you want to be.

You may ask, what work exactly are you to put in? They include, but not limited to.

1. You need to constantly find your client wherever they are on the internet, and and pull them to your product or services

2. You need to constantly position yourself as the best in your field; be it on your personal social media pages, or your blog.

3. When you have client jobs, you need to deliver. That is, you need to work to deliver.

4. You need to keep writing and selling your own works. So it isn’t only client works you write.

5. You need to market your own works.

6. You need to keep thinking  up strategies and actually executing these strategies for better exposure, traffic and revenue.

7. You need to work on  upgrading your skills, regularly.

For a Writer in Business, 24 hours is not enough. I’m being frank with you here. It is not a business for the faint hearted. I’m sure you’re getting the picture now.

You need to work, if you must succeed. And 2 hours isn’t enough, don’t fall for scams. When I was working with Okadabooks, there was no opening time or closing time. The entire team work round the clock, and only find time inbetween, to rest and do other stuff.

Working to build Pelleura, I’m always on my toes. Every minute matters to me because I am ALMOST single-handedly running my business. So Sunday to Sunday, I work. My sleeping time is between  1:00am-3:00am. This past night I dozed off for 30 minutes and didn’t close my eyes again until few minutes to 6:00 am.

Now puting in the work doesn’t mean all will be smooth. It means you’ll be heart broken along the way to success. You’ll find yourself overwhelmed and almost quitting. But you need to be dogged. The truth is, building a business as a writer isn’t beans. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who gave up along the way. And still, there are a few of us who still do what we love.

I have personally asked myself several times, “who send me work sef?” But even at that, my passion will not allow me leave the writing profession alone. Lol.

So what about you? Would you give up easily? Or would you find every means necessary to ensure your success as a writer?

People complain a lot to me that I am too busy for a lot of things. What they don’t know, is that I’m yet to build a solid team that I can freely fall back on, and still be sure my butt wouldn’t be all over the floor from that fall. 

My point is, even as a Writer in business, there is time for everything. All you need do is prioritize, so you don’t lose focus of what matters. When you start off as a full-time writer, you’ll understand that this business requires your 101% focus, especially if you’re solo, and you want success.

Yuwanda Black of Inkwell Editorial is one of the most successful freelance writers I know. But she still pushes hard at making her business soar. She gives no room for laziness or excuses. In the space of 3 to 6 hours, she can send out 150 emails to 150 prospective clients. That, is FOCUS!

It is a new month. And I’m urging you to keep your eyes on the price, keep them on what you want to achieve, and by hard work and determination,  you’ll make it.

If anyone offers you millions for a 2 hours work input, just know you’re about to be scammed. Run away from such business ideas.

So, I don’t know which of you needs to read this. But know you’ll be fine. You’ll make it. And you’ll be proud. Just don’t give up.



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Happy New Month. Welcome to February.

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