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The Practical Writing Class is an opportunity for you to learn the steps of writing a perfect fiction or nonfiction piece; from idea, structure, the actual writing process, to the finished work.

Having been in the writing business since as far back as 2013, I can say I wouldn’t have gone through a lot of the rigours I experienced if I had a mentor to walk me through the creative writing process for both fiction and non-fiction works. But I didn’t have that privilege.

However, 6 years later, I can boldly take on almost any writing project and submit a quality job. I’ve written works for clients who couldn’t stop appreciating me and ended up becoming repeat clients.

I’ve written my own books, e-courses and web stories that have received wonderful reviews.

What gives a client such confidence in me? What gives my readers confidence in my delivery?

Simple. Bringing in my years of experience as a writer, and giving attention to all the major and minor details to ensure the work comes out beautiful and professional.

So What Will You Gain From The Practical Writing Class?

This course will help you;

  1. Embed quality and professionalism in your writing; be it fiction or nonfiction (memoirs, articles, essays, cover letter, blurbs, content marketing, email marketing letters, etc).
  2. You can retake the course 2 more times for free, so you repeat the process that helps brush up your writing.
  3. At the end of the course, you’d have built confidence in yourself and any piece of writing you take on.

This class would start with your written idea, structure, outline and an opening paragraph that is attention-grabbing.

Below is an Overview of What this Class Entails.

Week I: Building the Foundation

There are a lot of problems to avoid when starting a writing project for the first time. These include fear of not writing a masterpiece, not knowing how or where to start, how not to get stuck in the middle of your writing. This foundation-building class will help you have more confidence in starting a masterpiece. You’ll learn:

  1. The materials to use in your writing.
  2. How to create your writing schedule and keep to it strictly.
  3. Finding your Unique writing voice.
  4. Plot and character generation/enhancing the ones you already have
  5. Building your character profile.
  6. Help you understand and get a hang of the kind of structure I use for my write-ups (which helps you to write easily).
  7. Understanding point of view and head-hopping (something I only got to understand better last year, and something that will help you greatly)

This is what the first-class entails: complete preparation for writing a masterpiece.


Week II: The Actual Writing

So, you will actually start writing your piece here and we’ll spend the first few sessions on your first pages. This is to help you build the thrill needed to boost your motivation and creativity.

  1. We will work on your opening chapter/first pages of your write up together. So your work grabs the attention of the reader from the start.
  2. How to create inciting incidents and pivotal scenes.
  3. How to describe scenes, characters and actions.
  4. Improving dialogue.
  5. We’ll work on helping you hit your daily word count targets as you flow with the story.


Week III: Learn the Self-Editing Process

Here, you’ll learn;

  1. The basics of self-editing your book.
  2. Practical/actual hands-on editing, and  more


Week IV: Finishing Well

When we reach the last section of your write-up, you would have:

  1. Your written piece started on the right footing.
  2. You would have a first-half or a complete short book or article, that you would be proud of.
  3. You will understand how to edit and revise your work as we guide you through the revision stages of your write-up.
  4. If you need to keep going to finish a lengthy book, we will, for a fee, have you enrolled in our author support and accountability program to help you finish a wonderful book; one you’ll be proud of, as it is peppered with lots of guidance, prompts, reviews and encouragement to help you through some of the toughest parts of your book.

But what’s important is that you would end this class as a writer with more confidence and more awesome delivery tricks under your belt.

What’s the Duration for both Classes?

The Practical Writing Class will last for a period of 4 weeks, each.

How much does it cost?

Well, let’s see. There are lots of writing courses out there that charge anywhere from N15,000 to N30,000.

Some others charge more. I charge between 10,000 to 15,000. But I have decided to make this course AVAILABLE to everyone who needs it, for a low price.

You see, there are hardly any jobs available today. People all over the world need to get skills that will help them make a living. And writing today is one of those skills, as it gives you the freedom to work from anywhere.

Writing has helped me a lot. It has kept food on my table and money in my pocket. It has paid my bills to a large extent.

Writing is a good business that is sustainable now because the internet demands fresh content daily. And the internet is here to stay. Developing your writing skills will go a long way in helping you make a living from your writing business. And I want as many people as possible, to have this opportunity.

So how much am I charging for the courses? N3,500

Yes. That’s it. N3,500 to work with you for 4 weeks, helping you brush up and build confidence in your writing.

However, this promo offer is for a limited time only.  You can pay N3,500 for the class between now and  20th August 2019. On the 21st, the price of these courses will go up to N5000 each. So the earlier you secure your seat, the better. 

Please know that this fee doesn’t cover the Writing Support and Accountability Course, the Edit Like a Professional Course, the Book Cover Design Course, Making a Full-Time Living as a Freelance Writer Course, and others.

But you will certainly end this course with confidence and professionalism to take on any form of writing.

See some feedback from those who took the first class,  below:


Questions and Answers

1. Where would the writing class hold?

Ans: On our course platform online. This is to help block out distractions while classes hold.

2. I’m new to writing. Can I join the class?

Ans: Yes, you can

3. I have been writing for a long time. I just need a place to learn some more writing skills. Can I join the class?

Ans: Yes you can.

4. Will the class hold weekends or weekdays?

Ans: It will hold on weekdays into the weekend.

5. I’m busy throughout the week because of school/work. Will there be exceptions for me?

Ans: Yes, we know you’re busy. That’s why we will be drawing up a time table for everyone participating in the writing class so it doesn’t interfere with their daily schedule. And you have the opportunity to retake the class 2 more times for free.

6. Is the class kicking off on the 24th?

Ans: Early registration closes on the 20th. Late registration closes on the 24th. Enrolled students will be welcomed and prepared for the class which will kick off fully on the 26th.

7. What if I’m already very good with my writing, do I still need to take the class?

Ans: If you FEEL your writing is good enough, and that there’s nothing more for you to learn, then this class is not for you.

8. How much does it cost?
Ans: 3500 Early registration. 5000 late registration.

9. Can I register on the course platform by myself?

Ans: Yes. After you’ve paid, we will guide you on how to register you the platform.

To get access to the class, make payment using any of the payment options below

Click your choice below to pay via Paystack (this attracts N100 service fees.)

Practical Writing Class


Pay via transfer to Oghenekaro Oforofuo, 2009007134, Zenith Bank.

If you choose option 2, kindly send a screenshot of the proof of payment to

Course Duration: 4 weeks (you can retake the Practical Writing Class two more times for free.)

Registration closes 24th August 2019.

Class Starts on 26th August 2019.

Early Bird Fee: N3,500 per course

Late Registration: N5,000 per course.


I look forward to having you in this class.

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Karo Oforofuo is an experienced freelance writer, an author of several fiction books, and a blogger at, where she entertains readers with mouth-watering stories, and business tips for writers. She also specializes in helping authors who want to start and grow their reader base, through consulting sessions. When she’s not working, she’s busy reading the next best paranormal romance novel or writing one.

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